Benefits of listening to feedback

Benefits of listening to feedback

We all know how your colleagues or somebody else, sometimes can give you feedback. Most of the times we don’t like it and it can make us angry. What if did not get angry and improved the point we got feedback about? Would that make us a different person?

Benefits for your personal growth

Receiving feedback is hard. Receiving feedback can sometimes make us feel as if we are stupid. That is something we all have sometimes. It is normal.

Being able to see feedback as something positive is an art. Listening to feedback without thinking about it negatively, is really difficult. The thing that we forget is, that it can make us grow.

Feedback will make you grow. It can help you see yourself from a different point of view. The person that gave you the feedback, can sometimes see sides of us that we did not know about before. Also, we can see how annoying or wrong some of our characters really are and how irritating it is for the person in front of us.

Don’t see feedback as something negative. See it as something that can make you grow and it will make you grow. Don’t forget to ask the person that gave you the feedback, how you can change the thing he gave you feedback about.

Your life is all about becoming an outstanding person. More feedback is equal to more personal growth. Really work on the feedback you got and believe me you will become a different person. You won’t regret listening to feedback.

A step to yourself

We sometimes can’t see all of our flaws and flaws are not bad everybody has them. There is no problem with that. Our mission is to find ourselves and make progress in order to become a better person. In order to make progress, we need to be aware of our makes you more aware about yourself

A way to know your flaws is by receiving feedback. We are so busy doing things that we sometimes can forget to think about ourselves. People can see sides of you that you did not know anything about because we are too busy to reflect on ourselves.

Dare to ask your colleagues what you can better about yourself. Ask them what you can change about yourself so you can become a better you.

If you still get angry when you get feedback, that is a sign that your ego is way too high. Get over this, because it will only harm you.

When you receive feedback, try to stay calm. I admit some feedback can be so horrible but don’t forget: “You will grow”. Keep calm and ask them what you can do in order to change this side of you.


In my point of view, arrogance will kill a person. Arrogance is something that is bad and can make us feel as if we are perfect and we know everything. Don’t ever even dare to think that you know everything. You need to stay a lifelong learner.

When you are arrogant you feel like you don’t need to change anything about yourself, because you are already perfect and when you think this way, time will come and you will still be a person that has no value.

Set your arrogance aside and dare to listen to the feedback. It is really our arrogance that makes us feel angry when somebody tells us something about our flaws.

There is no reason to be arrogant. We all have flaws accept it. You can ignore all the feedback you receive, but in the end, you know it is true. Why ignore that? Why ignore it if you can be a better person than you were yesterday?

Benefits for people around you

It has many benefits not only for you but also for the people around you. People won’t be afraid of talking to you and telling you things. Instead, you will even make more friends. They know that you are an open-minded person and that is something to be proud of.

You don’t want people to be scared of telling you things. You won’t make any progress if nobody likes you. Be a person that knows his/her flaws and works on it constantly.

It can feel tough sometimes, but it is worth it. In the end you did not lose anything, instead, you gained so much more. You gained more knowledge about yourself. That is what it is all about, knowing who you are, knowing your flaws and knowing how to work on them in order to become a better you. This can help you to be a better colleague, person and husband/wife.

You will make more friends and people will like talking to you. You will become a social person because you are an open-minded person.

Makes you think

It is crazy, but it will even make you a better thinker. You will stop judging people around you and you will start thinking about your own flaws more. What you have done, is setting your arrogance aside and you are making yourself an open-minded makes you a better thinker

It is really important that you set your arrogance aside first. You will think about the things that were said and you will think about a strategy in order to become a better you.

Being a better thinker about yourself makes you a better person. You are really working on yourself. It makes you think back to the past and you will think about how you could have done things differently back then.


Being able to handle feedback will help you grow yourself and your personality. You will be able to reflect on yourself. Feedback can help you see yourself from a different point of view.

You will have the chance to think deeper about the way people experience you and this can be a mind opener.

It will help you be less arrogant about yourself. We all have flaws and you got to accept them and work on them. There is no reason to be arrogant about anything. It will make you stay humble and make you work on yourself even harder.

The people around you will appreciate you more. The reason for that is simple. They know that you are open-minded and that you are a person, that is willing to change to be a better person. People will not be afraid to talk to you.

You will be able to think more deeply because you put your arrogance aside and you become open-minded. Reflect on yourself and be real with yourself every single day. Listen to feedback and work on it.

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