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Comfort zone

We all know the well-known place where we feel safe, where we feel like nothing can hurt us and nothing can be difficult. What if there is so much more to see if you step out of your comfort zone. What if there is greatness, what if there is the real you. Would you still choose for “Safety”?

Behind the real you

First, let us understand what the word comfort zone is all about. Comfort zone is something that a lot of people must have heard about. It is a crucial part of personal development. comfort zone behind on yourself

Comfort zone is a place where you feel safe. It is a place where you just do the same old things that you are familiar with. You think you are not a person who deserves greatness or you are a person that thinks you are not smart enough to do extraordinary things. So you just keep on doing same old things that you are used to. That is a comfort zone.

We don’t realize it but really we are getting behind of ourselves, we are behind on our dreams and we are behind on our promises. We are too afraid of losing more when we step out of this comfortable place.

The thing is, we don’t grow. Sometimes it is because we think we don’t deserve it or we think that we are not good enough. That is why we need to get out of this place. Nothing is growing here.

Greatness begins beyond
your comfort zone.
–  Robin S.Sharma


Stepping out of your comfort zone is difficult. It may be the most difficult one. That is because we fear a lot of things. The greatest fear that holds us back, is the fear of losing things.

What if we gained a lot more? In order to grow yourself, you need to be able to take “risks”. If it is so difficult, why should we get out of our comfort zone? The answer to that is pretty simple. In order to grow, you need to be able to handle struggles.

Don’t be afraid. We all have dreams and being behind on your dreams is far more devastating than having a couple of struggles. We have the choice to become a person of regret or a person struggling and working for their big goals.

Write it down

We underestimate the power of writing things down. The first step to getting out of your comfort zone is by writing your dreams on a paper. What is your biggest dream? I always say: “A dream can never be too big”.

Write it down with all of your emotions and write it down with full trust in yourself. When you write things down, you don’t hold it in you. If you hold things in you and don’t speak about it, it will feel as a burden. Overcome the fear of not being able to achieve what you have written down.

That is the problem. Why should you be afraid of telling or writing down what you really want? It is your dream. We are afraid of what people will say about us and what people will say about our dreams. People will tell you that you are crazy and that is a positive thing. It is so positive that you need to be proud of yourself.

When somebody asks you what you want to become. Tell them what you really want with all the emotions you feel when you think about your big goal. The person standing in front of you will feel the emotions coming from your heart.

Writing a dream on paper has something magical. It feels as if you are talking to the person you want to become. It feels as if you are talking with the real you. That feels as if there is something magical going on in your body. You will be happier than ever.


Next step in order to get out of your comfort zone, is by doing. You need to find the necessary resources to learn the subject you want to be an expert in.

Buy the books that are necessary in order to become the person you want to become. Buy the books that you need to read in order to become the real you. Investing in yourself is very important. invesing in yourself

Also, find people that have already accomplished the goal that you want to accomplish. Ask them things you want to know. Ask them things about how they have grown. What they did in order to achieve massive success.

Investing and finding resources to educate yourself is so important. You will spend some money now, but it is worth it. People that are not willing to invest in themselves are the ones that are still in their comfort zone. They are afraid of losing money.


As soon as you start doing things to reach your goal and step out of your comfort zone, you will sometimes be disappointed with the outcome. It will feel as if nothing is changing and everything is just taking too long.

Your dreams will not become reality overnight. You need to trust the process. It needs time and being patient is really hard. It gets harder because you are so hungry in order to become the person you really want to be.

You will see some major changes over time. You will think, walk and speak differently. Ones you start getting out of your comfort zone, you will feel as if you have discovered a whole new world. It will feel as if you are just seeing the world.

When you start changing by stepping out of your comfort zone, the real you will be waiting on the other side of the path you chose. You need to keep running and keep overcoming struggles, but in order to do that, you need to endure a lot and be patient.


In order to be a better version of you, you need to be ready to step out of your habits that keep you away from your dreams. You need to start walking the path that you have always dreamed about.

Don’t be afraid of losing things. You will never grow if you are afraid of walking towards your dream. Invest in yourself. Invest in the person that you see in a couple of years. Write it all down. Write down how the process is going. Write down what you feel. It is magical.

Believe in your dreams. It is more difficult to live with regret every day than struggling and becoming what you really want to become. You don’t want to have a life where you regret every chance you have missed, because you were too afraid taking a step towards your dream.

Have patience. Keep running towards your big goal. Remember you are running to the real you. The real you is waiting on the other side. Patience is key.

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