Commitment is something that you need to have as an individual. In one of my posts, I told you that you need to keep feeding the fire called passion, but passion without commitment is nothing. I will explain to you why and why having a passion is important, but being committed to something is far more important.

I hope that this post will motivate you so that you can keep growing.


Well having a passion for what you do is really the beginning of almost anything. It will let you see why you are doing things. I will post a different post about the famous why, which I found really interesting.passion

Your passion will ignite a flame within you, it will ignite emotions. You will do things with emotions and if you do things with emotions you know that you do something you have a passion for. When you do something, you need to feel your heart pounding faster.

That is how strong passion can be. It will awaken your emotions and emotions are good but don’t let your emotions overwhelm you. Your emotions can also be too much.

Passion is something that will make even a grown man feel like a kid again. If you feel passion for something, you will become a kid that wants to know everything. It is truly amazing what passion can do with a person. I think I have given a pretty long introduction about passion. 🙂

Commitment & passion

Commitment and passion are friends of each other. They really like each other, but if you have committed yourself to something but have no passion for it, then it won’t work and vice-versa. 

See it like this:
you have a car and what does a car need in order to drive, it needs fuel in order to drive. What a car also needs is something to help the fuel get ignited. You can also use this philosophy to your own life. Commitment is your fuel to keep you going and you need passion in order to burn the fuel. 

That is why I said that commitment and passion really like each other. You need them both in order to go on and to be able to be different from others. People need to see your passion in the way you talk, walk and speak.

Keep the two in balance with each other and I can tell you, your days will never ever be the same as before.

Keeps you going

Commitment is something different from passion. When you have hard times, which you will definitely have once you start working on your passion, it is not your passion that will get you through, in fact, it is your commitment.

Commitment is the thing that you need when everything seems to fall apart when everything is just becoming too heavy for you. Like I said, commitment will deliver you the fuel you need in order to keep you going. We need to ask ourselves anytime we face hard times, what is it that we want to achieve. Ones you remind yourself of your big dream, your body feels committed again. It will fuel itself again to keep you going.

We also see people that seem to never give up on things and we will be amazed at how much “energy” they have. The thing is, it is not their energy levels it is their commitment. The urge they feel to accomplish their goals.

A commitment will keep you going and passion will make your emotions flourish. Commitment comes into play when you don’t have motivation when you wake up or during the day. A commitment will take you through these days.

Really, guys, I can’t say it enough. Being committed to something is so important.

Boost productivity

People always talk about productivity and this is important. Productivity is not wasting your time. We as humans have a limited amount of time every day. People will always learn you how you can plan your days in order to become more productive, actually, you can plan whatever you want and your planning can be outstanding, but you need fuel in order to do the things that you have planned.

Our fuel is commitment. You can plan your whole day. there is nothing difficult about planning. The difficult part is doing. I mean we can all plan our weeks, we can even plan 2 weeks forward. That doesn’t mean we are productive. Our actions will rate our productivity level. 

So here we have the secret formula for productivity. I am not saying that you don’t need to plan anything. No, not at all. Sure plan everything that you want to do. Taking action and really doing the things you have planned, do rate your level of commitment. How bad do you want it?   This is the question you need to ask every day.

Being committed will urge you to take action. There will be a voice inside you saying: “Hey if you don’t do …. right now you will waste so much time.”. You see if you are committed to something your mind will boost your productivity, not your agenda. It is your commitment that will boost your energy level, your will, and your productivity.

Productivity is never an accident
it is always the result of a commitment
to excellence, intelligent planning
and focused effort

– Paul J. Meyer

Long-term goals

In order to keep yourself committed, you need to set long-term goals. What do you really, really want to become. Write down your long-term goal and be loyal to your goal and be honest with yourself by doing the necessary things in order to get what you want.

I will also create a post on how to set goals. By setting long-term goals you will have a vision of what you want over a couple of years. What you are doing is training your mind to imagine yourself when you accomplish what you really want. So what goals actually do is, they make the fuel. In order for your body to have fuel, it needs to make fuel first. That is what a long-term goal does.

Long-term goals will keep you motivated and it will force you into creating smaller goals in order to get the big picture that you have in mind.


Passion is really important when you are willing to become successful. Passion will ignite the fire and the emotions you need in order to do your work with all the love you need. Passion is really something amazing.

When passion and commitment come together, you will have a very magical mix. Passion can’t live without commitment and commitment without passion. It is very weird but they just need each other. Once you find your passion and really commit yourself to what you really want, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

People will tell you how important productivity is and how you can boost your productivity level with planning your days better and if you can plan for the whole week that it will boost your productivity level, but that is not true. Your level of commitment will make sure you will stay productive. A commitment will make you move forward when times get really hard.

Write down your long-term goal. A long-term goal will keep you motivated, it will make you hungry for more and it will force you to make smaller goals in order to get the bigger goal that you have in mind.

Listen to this it will help you out a lot:
Jim Rohn about committing yourself

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