Improve your life with your journal

Improve your Life with your journal

So we are all human and humans all have their own story that they can write down on a piece of paper or in a journal. A lot of people underestimate the power of a journal. It is a pity that we think this way. Writing in your journal will improve a lot of things.

Reflect on yourself

Most people think they are perfect and we sometimes forget to keep improving ourselves. In order to improve ourselves, we need to keep reflecting. We need to keep reflecting in the way we eat, sleep, talk, walk and speak.

We are human and we all make mistakes but we are a different kind of specie. We can think we can improve our day to day life. This is something so amazing. In order to improve you have to reflect on yourself every single day.

There is no better place to start reflecting on yourself than with a journal. As you begin to write down the things you feel and the things you have done during the day, you can start reflecting on that. You will improve yourself.

Be brave enough to write down all the things that bothered you and write down the things that you could have done better the next time and work on that.

You are actually giving yourself feedback. Dare to criticize yourself. Whatever the improvement is you want to see, write it down in your journal.

Seeing your progress

Another great feature of keeping a journal is that you can actually read how you have progressed over a couple of weeks, days or even years.

Seeing progress is the most satisfying feeling you can have in life. Reward yourself from time to time.see your progress improve

When you see your progress you will be hungry for even more progress and this is really helpful if you want to improve yourself. It is really crazy, but that is just the way it is. We as humans love to see ourselves grow.

You need to write down every single improvement that you want to make about yourself and what you have done about it. If one day you come face to face with the same problem, you can always read the way you have solved the problem back then.

A place for your ideas

Your journal is your treasure. It holds your secrets, your dreams, and your vision. What the most important thing is, that you can write down your ideas.

You see we as humans have so many great ideas, yet we tend to forget our ideas very quickly. Make your journal your personal place where you can write down your ideas.

A journal even helps you become creative. Ideas are a source of inspiration. In the digital life, we are living in right now, we don’t make time to think about our ideas or about the things that we really would like to change about this world in order to make this world a better place.

Make your journal your place for all your inspirations and make it a place where you don’t have to forget your great ideas. Maybe your idea will be the next hype or the next big thing that everybody was waiting for.

Your life

What is more inspiring than your own story? What is more inspiring to write about your struggles? what is more inspiring to write about the way you did things in order to work for your dreams and the way you made yourself a better person?improve your life

We all have a story and it is beautiful in its own way. Most people think that their lives ain’t as exciting as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but the funny thing is, they had struggles too and every human has their own struggles.

Everyone has a unique life and every person is unique in his/her own way. Your life has not to become the next best-seller, but imagine when you are old, you are the end of your life and you have your own children, you can leave them this great inspiring journal of yours. With all your struggles, with all your ideas and with all your emotions.

Beautiful right? It is amazing how a journal can be so inspiring. A journal might seem like it is not for you, but wait until you buy one and start writing your first sentence.

Builds character

It might sound a little bit crazy, but a journal makes you a better person. It really does. When you read the other paragraphs, you need to understand why it makes you a better person.

It is actually, like I said before, a way to reflect on yourself, bring your ideas together and making yourself a more creative person.

Once you write down the things that you want to better about yourself, that is when the process of building character starts. You need to be able to face yourself in order to build character and a journal is a great way to do that.

That is the power of a journal. You are building a new you and I am sure we are all trying to be a better person than we were yesterday.


A journal will help you reflect on yourself. Try to be honest when you write things in your journal. Write down the things that you did wrong and write down what you want to do differently the next time. Giving yourself constant feedback and working on this feedback is the number one rule in order to improve you.

Read the progress you made. Everyday that you write something in your journal read the previous page or try to read back once a week. Reward yourself for how you have become better than you were yesterday. It feels great to yourself grow.

Your journal will be a treasure for your ideas. We as humans have so many ideas but we forget them so quickly. The number one rule to overcome this is by writing down your idea in your journal. Keep your ideas safe.

There is nothing more inspiring than your own story written down by your own hands. There is nothing more inspiring than having a journal with all your struggles and how you have made yourself the person you always wanted to become.

Keeping a journal will make you a better person and it will positively influence you. You will feel more urge to grow yourself.

Once you start writing things in your journal that you want to better about your life, that is the moment that you have decided to become a better you.

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