Personal development? How do I start with it?

Personal development

Personal development is one of the most important things that you will learn in life. You must be willing to do whatever it takes, to improve yourself every single day. This may sound tough for most of us and it was also very difficult for myself. I really had to struggle a lot. I can tell it is worth it and I hope that I can change your mindset with this post. Remember we are a family at the daily raita.

Buy a mirror

It may sound stupid right buying a mirror. You might be thinking: “What the heck is wrong with you”. But by buying a mirror I mean, start looking at yourself. By buying a mirror I mean face yourself. This is what my blog is all about facing yourself. This is fundamental really. Face yourself and ask yourself: “Who am I?”. 

Most people tend to lie to themselves. Don’t be like them. I did that in the past. I thought that I was something and I acted like I knew what I was doing, but the funny part was I did not know it at all. When you look in the mirror you need to be able to see yourself the real you. A mirror never lies. Talk to the man that you see in the mirror. Ask him/her who he/she is. face yourself

Believe me, if you start being honest with yourself, doors will start opening for you. It opened doors for me. I can tell you it was not easy. Be honest and search for the real you. The you that only you see when you are alone with a mirror. Face the real you.

If you feel scared or you feel like you are worth nothing. I can tell you that greatness lies within you. Trust me. I went through stuff where people told me that I was stupid. People told me that I was not smart enough. For god sake, don’t you ever listen to them.

So the first lesson face yourself. This is the most important part. Please don’t skip this.


Forget people

If you want to start improving yourself, you really need to forget people that have always been negative about you. People that have said things about you are the biggest cowards. Just forget them. People always told me that I was not going to achieve much.

Once you have faced yourself, now is the time to forget the people that have been negative about you all the time. If you are scared of losing friends, then I can tell you, you will never ever grow. Think about it, if somebody really cared about you, would they ever tell you things that will make you feel uncertain about yourself?

You know the people who never ever faced themselves are scared of losing things. Don’t be afraid of saying bye to some people in your life.

It is indeed hard to develop yourself. What you are doing is actually freeing yourself. You are freeing yourself from negativity and from the fear of losing things. In case you disagree with me, please always remember this quote.

The less you respond to negative people,
the more peaceful your life will become.

That is what I am trying to do, making yourself peaceful with yourself. That is the beginning of growing you.

Feel your greatness

Once you start to know yourself, you will see and feel something. You will feel a power that you have never ever thought about. That is it guys, know yourself. We all have greatness within us, within ourselves. Some discover this greatness earlier than others, but hey you are never too late.

I really felt down sometimes and I thought is this really my life. I asked myself why does everybody has these great talents, why do I need to be stupid. Look at me now, I am writing a blog post on my own blog and the boy that they did not believe in has set up his own blog and is writing articles so people can learn from him.

You have the power in you really. Everybody has a story that needs to be heard. Every day take a half hour to think about yourself. Think about the times you looked at yourself in the mirror and you were real with yourself. How did you feel then? You know sometimes your heart speaks to you. Listen to your heart.

Once you have faced yourself in the mirror and set all the negative people aside, now it is time to work on yourself. By now you need to know your flaws and your strengths. Now it is your time to put in the hours to become a better version of yourself. Believe in yourself. We all have greatness within ourselves.

Your greatness is revealed not by the lights that shine upon you,
but by the light that shines within you.

     – Ray Davis


Passion. This part has been the most inspiring for me. I never knew what my purpose was and what I was going to become. Once I freed myself and started questioning myself, I felt that I was not the person that I needed to become. I felt greater things.

I decided that I needed to find my passion. What am I made for, what do I like in life, what do I want to do for the rest of my life and what do I want to leave for the world. I called this maturity. Start searching for things that you can learn. It does not matter what you want to learn, just start learning.

Start learning math, science or biology. That is the way to find your passion. By trying I mean really everything. Also, the things that you never wanted to try. Just do it. I found my passion this way. So I am telling you to do it because it works.

Some people find their passion very quickly, others find their passion a bit later. once you find it, you will become hungry for more. Your passion is your fuel, your passion will ignite something in you. It is a feeling that I can’t describe. You feel like you have been lost for a long time and finally, after all this time you have found yourself.

Try to feed this fire and keep it burning all your life. Remember you are not done after you have found your passion. You need to work on your passion every day even when you feel like doing nothing. When a day like that comes around always remember that you need to keep feeding the fire of passion. Remember how you have changed. Remeber the greatness you felt.


Find yourself is the first step towards greatness. Be honest with the person you see when you look in the mirror. Don’t listen to negative people. Let negative people go, even if it means that you need to let go of your “best friend”. Remember, this is your life, you either decide to do what people say or you can follow your own heart even if people will criticize you. Just be you.

Find something that moves you. Do it because you feel good about it. Do it because you love it. People will always criticize you. Don’t be afraid of that. Remember what I said:

Keep feeding the fire called passion.
– Seyfullah Semen


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