The pros of a blog

The pros of having a blog

There are so many great advantages that I can’t sum up all the advantages of having your own blog. It really lets you connect with the outside world. You may be asking: “But how can it benefit me?” I will tell you in just a minute. People sometimes underestimate the power of this way to communicate with the world. 

Your brand

We tend to forget that we are all our own brand. You need to make sure that you show your brand to the whole world and make your brand fit for all companies. Your own brand needs to be shown and everybody has their own way of showing their brand.

My own personal favorite has always been a blog. The reason for that is pretty simple. You are online and you are writing things that interest you and maybe you will even be the reason that the lives of many people become better.

We tend to forget quickly, that even if you work for a company you still are your own brand. You need to protect this brand and you need to grow this brand of yours by yourself. It won’t be done by your company and it won’t be done overnight. You are responsible for your own brand.

For example. I am Seyfullah Semen the owner of this great blog. I am actually promoting me but with a different name. I will try and grow this brand.

Never forget that you are your own brand and with a blog, it is just much easier for me to help my own brand grow. I like it a lot. It fulfills me and I can talk to the whole world and everybody will know my brand. Keep working on your brand and this is really a big pro of having a blog.

Promoting your brand

As I mentioned before, you are your own brand and I can’t think about a better place than on the web. If you are planning to be a better promoter of your brand and if you enjoy writing, blogging is definitely your way to go.pros of a blog promoting

You will be able to talk to the whole world and before you know it you will have a little traffic coming to your blog and the joy of that is really amazing.

With the blog posts, you write you are actually telling the world what your interests are and who you really are. I always wanted to have a blog to help people to improve themselves. I believe that people are sometimes not at their full potential and that is how I promote my brand. I want my brand to stand for change and for finding the real you.

That is why I love having a blog I am really opening myself to the whole world with my own brand and I am promoting my brand because of this blog.

Better marketer

I have never ever tried to market something in my life. After I had started my blog, I really got stuck and I did not know anything about marketing. Starting a blog was easy. After that, I had my logo. I thought well this is easy. Until I got to the point where I had no followers or anybody reading my blog. I asked myself: “And now what?”.pros of a blog marketing

Then my blog learned me something so great. I learned how to market me in this big world. It was really though I did not know anything about marketing, having a blog really helped me learn how to market my own brand.

I took a shot and did anything I could to market myself and I am still doing a lot in order to grow this blog. You need to keep marketing your brand to the whole world.

This is what a blog can learn you. It is like having a new product and you need to show the world what your new product can do. It can sometimes feel so hard and you feel like nobody will never ever be interested in your blog. The thing that having a blog learned me is that marketing something needs a lot of patience but above all, you really need to believe in your own goal that you want to achieve with your blog.

Helping people

One of the most beautiful sides of having a blog is that you can help people with their problems or their troubles. You are making an impact with having a blog.

You can make people feel special with your blog. I really like the fact that people can read your post and feel happier or even become more confident about themselves. That is why I like to write good content on my blog, so people can learn from it and they really feel that I have put my heart into my work.

You can have a massive impact on people with a blog. I really like that. I think that there is nothing more beautiful than having an impact on peoples lives by writing great articles.

You can reach so many people and the great side of having a blog is that you can build your own community. At The Daily Raita, I like to call it a family. You are really bringing people together and helping them and they will all have their own input. It feels really great to have such a massive reach.

Better person

It might sound very weird, but by having a blog you really will become a better person. You become something like a role model. I really like that.

You are trying to help other people and while helping other people you need to be a role model to the people that you write for. People will be reading your blog posts and it would be very wrong to be the opposite person of what you write.

It will make you think about yourself. Thinking about yourself is really important. Once you start to see that people are visiting your blog you will realize that your blog has an impact on people and people will compliment you and how they have changed their lives, because of your blog.

Is that not great? A blog pushes you to become the role model that you have always wanted to become.


We all have our own brand and by having a blog, you can open up to the whole world with your brand.

A blog helps you promote your own brand in a very elegant way. What you write in your blog will become the identity of your brand.

Having a blog really makes you a better marketer, because as soon as your blog is online your really need to work hard in order to let the world know that you have a blog and this can be very hard in the beginning. After some time you will get the hang of it and you will be amazed at how great your marketing skills are.

By having a blog you can really help so many people around the world. This alone needs to motivate you to start a blog. I think it is really the most satisfying feeling to be able to have an impact on somebody’s life and to help them out with their troubles or their problems.

You will have some kind of a pressure when you have your own blog. You will become a role model for the people. You write about all sorts of things and a blog will force you to become a better person.

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