Are you doubting yourself?

Doubting yourself

“I can’t do it. I am not smart enough. am I destined for greatness?. I can never be as successful as anybody else. Everybody is just smarter than me. Am I really destined for greatness? I don’t think I can do this” These are questions and thoughts of someone who has doubts about his abilities. Doubting yourself is really something most of us have problems with. Doubting yourself can make you feel like the story above. Here you will read how to stop doubting yourself. 

Meet yourself

Who is that in the mirror? Why do I feel as if I can’t achieve anything in life?

This is all because you don’t know yourself well enough. These actually question that many of us have in real life. We are desperate and we don’t feel like this until we sit by ourselves with our own thoughts.

This can be hard and it can ruin your life. It is hard because you don’t know your own abilities you have never met the real you and that is a pity. There are ways to get over this nasty feeling and the most inspiring one is the meet the real you. It is time after all these years to stop doubting yourself and restart your life.

Meeting yourself sounds very weird. In some way, it can actually help you, it can help not to doubt yourself. Life is about something. Life is about meeting yourself. When you doubt yourself, it means you don’t know yourself well enough. Knowing yourself better means that you will doubt yourself less because you will know your abilities.

Being able to reflect on yourself and to see your own skills will make you doubt yourself less. Personal development is such an important part. It plays a big roll in a lot of situations in life. Understand the real you. Many of us think that we know ourselves really well, but we don’t know anything about ourselves.

The thing is that we need to know ourselves by talking to ourselves. We need to quit talking a lot with our friends. Instead, you need to be comfortable with yourself first. In order to become successful, you need to know a lot about yourself. In order to meet yourself, you need to reflect on yourself daily.

Your skills

Can I really do this? I did not know that I had this talent. WOOWW, did I really achieve this?

Knowing your own skills and your own abilities will feel just amazing. A person needs to know his/her own skills. By knowing your own skills you are freeing yourself from doubt. 

Everybody has great skills and being able to discover them is really important. It will help you doubt yourself less. It can even remove your doubt. The reason for that is simple. Ones we understand our own skills and our own abilities, we will have more self-confidence and ones you have more self-confidence, you will not be focused on others and how great they are, but instead you will focus on your own goals and on your own life. 

Discover your skills. See how amazing you can be. This will really help you get over the doubt you have about yourself. Discover your abilities. Try things. Try to discover new skills which you never even thought about. There are such amazing skills we all have within ourselves and it is a pity that we don’t take the time to discover them.

Discover your skills and really focus on them. Start building some self-confidence.

Show them

Look what I have done? Look what I have made!

Great right, the feeling when you show somebody what you have done. It feels great to show somebody what you are doing and show them how you are improving yourself. Many people are shy. Shyness is good, but not too much. People that doubt themselves are usually shyer than the rest.How to stop doubting yourself show them

I can tell you that being shy about a lot of things will make you doubt yourself even more. Doubting yourself can be overcome by showing people things that you are proud of. Many people are afraid of what people will say ones they show them what they have made or what they have done. They are afraid that people will tell them that it is no good and that it is worth nothing. This can be a serious issue of doubting yourself.

Remember that you have greatness within you and that you have skills that others don’t have that is why they will tell you that they don’t like it or that it is worth nothing because they don’t understand it.

It is your life and you need to be in control of your life. Be proud of what you made or with what you are busy with and show the world what you are doing. Tell the world your ideas. Dare to talk with others about your ideas. This way you will build an incredible self-confidence and this will make you doubt yourself less.

Don’t be shy. Show your skills to the world with all of your courage and stop doubting yourself.


I can’t do that. That is too much work. You need so much talent for that.

The human mind is such an interesting thing. It can really make you believe a lot. The funny thing is, is that you are making yourself crazy with these thoughts.

Many people are still in there comfort-zone. They are not happy about their lives, because they just don’t achieve a lot in life and they will feel unsatisfied about life. Stepping out of your comfort-zone will make you stop doubting yourself and the reason is quite simple. How to stop doubting yourself comfort-zone

If you don’t get out of your comfort-zone, you will never reach your real potential, which will make you doubt yourself even more. Instead, try to do things which you have never even thought about. Be brave and try it. Start by learning something new. For example, try to learn a new skill or buy a book about personal development and read it. Keep learning new things and do things that make you uncomfortable.

If you keep staying in your comfort-zone, you will not be able to live your real life. In order to grow and stop doubting yourself, you need to be able to discover yourself and do things you were afraid of. Ones you start with this process you will build an amazing self-confidence and this will give you the courage to believe in yourself.

At first, you will be scared and when you start to get out of your comfort-zone, you will start to feel a little bit of pressure and you will start doubting yourself again. Keeping pushing forward and do what you like even if it means that it will become difficult. Ones you start getting through difficulties, you will see how much you can achieve in life and it will kill the doubt you had about you.


The main reason why people doubt themselves is because they don’t know who they really are. They have never faced themselves and that is such a pity. Know yourself and reflect on yourself daily. Knowing yourself means that you know your strengths and your flaws. This way you will know who you are and what you need to work on to be a better person than you were yesterday. This will make sure that you won’t doubt yourself anymore.

Learn what your skills are and know what your abilities are. Study them carefully. Really start believing in your own abilities never doubt your own skills. By believing in your own skills, you will be doubting yourself less, because you know what your skills are and if somebody tells you can’t do something, you won’t feel depressed.

Show people your talents. Let people see what you are able to make or what you have made and even what you are working on. Never be afraid of showing things that you are proud of. Don’t be scared of what people will think about it, haters are going to hate anyway. Build some self-confidence and kick out the doubt!

There is one thing in life that keeps you away from doing great things. That thing is called your comfort-zone. Getting out of your comfort-zone is a really important step if you want to stop doubting yourself. This will be the most difficult one, but it is also the most effective one. Keep trying new things and learn new skills. It is all about discovering things about yourself and building self-confidence.

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