Comparing yourself to others? Stop It!

Comparing yourself

Well, we have come to a very interesting subject. Comparing ourselves to other people. A lot of us have this problem. People don’t understand a couple of things about this subject. They don’t know how this can harm you and your personal development. People don’t understand how comparing yourself to others can ruin your life, your dreams and the way you feel.

Is it really that bad? Keep reading this post and you will understand. 

The impact

How can it be that comparing ourselves to others can have such a huge impact? We as humans have something in common. People like to compare themselves to other people. People really enjoy it when they look at somebody’s car and tell themselves, why they don’t have that?

It is something we all have from time to time and we cannot imagine how this will impact our lives. The impact, of this serious problem, comes in stages.

Your life is important. Never forget the fact that everybody has a unique life. Most of us forget that very quickly. Everybody is unique in his/her own way. When we start to work to reach our goals, especially at the beginning, we always tend to look at other people that have achieved what they had dreamed of. One of the first things we say to ourselves is: “Man look at that, I can never achieve that”. 

It will poison your own mindset. Never forget that everybody started their journey with their dream and they had nothing at the beginning of their journey. Keep focusing on your life. Keep grinding. Your story is unique and if you keep comparing yourself to somebody else, you won’t be able to live your own story.

You must keep moving forward and by comparing yourself to others, you won’t be able to do that. Your concentration will be zero and your focus will be gone.


It is a pity to see so many people, with a lot of potentials and yet they are jealous. Jealousy is really an illness. It will make you sick. Not sick as in a flue or something, but mentally. I think that there is no worse illness than a mental illness.Stop comparing yourself to others jealousy

Jealousy is really something to be careful about. Remind yourself that being jealous won’t bring you anywhere in life. Comparing yourself to another can make you feel unsatisfied with your own life. Feeling unsatisfied with your life is really something that kills a lot of people.

Just as I a mentioned earlier, you are unique. If you keep being jealous and constantly thinking about another person that has everything and is very successful, you won’t have any time to work on your dreams. Waisting your time is not something you want when you want to become a successful person.

If you are jealous, you will try to do the same thing as the person you are jealous of. What happens is that you will never be able to be yourself in life. People will notice it. Before you know it, years will be over and you will still be at the same spot you were 10 years ago.

The thing with jealousy is, that you will try to get the person down you are jealous about. Stop comparing your life to the life of somebody else. It can make you ruin your own life and the life of another person. That is what will happen if you don’t stop comparing yourself to another person.

Jealousy is an illness and it will become worse if you don’t start to look at your own life and keep doing what you need to do in order to become a better you.


It is pretty emotional when you see other people living their dreams and you are still trying to make it in your life. Seeing yourself struggling to make it, while others have achieved a lot can make you sad. Being sad will make you lose time in your life. Valuable time which you could have spent on reading a new book.

Losing time, comparing yourself to others and losing time must be making you sad, not the things that other people have. In order to become successful, you need to focus on you. On making yourself better and becoming a better you constantly. You have no time to look at others, you have no time to wish that you had their lives.Stop comparing yourself to others sadness

You cannot have the life of somebody else. It will really make you feel you are worth nothing and that is really the factor that will make you feel sad. The sadness will overtake you and even turn into anger.

You need to be able to be thankful for each day. Remember that the people you compare yourself to had to grind really hard in order to achieve their goals. They did not waste their times on looking how much other people had achieved.

Being sad about what another person has will make you unhappy, it will make you sad and you will lose a lot of time.

If you get sad about what others have, how are you going to be happy when you have it all? How can a person be happy if they can’t be happy with what they have? There will always be people that have much more than you but don’t forget that there are a lot of people that have a lot less than you.

Stands in your way

Trying to achieve your goals is really hard and you don’t want something to stand between you and your goal. You don’t want to lose your focus and you don’t want to lose your time.

By looking at others and your own life, that is actually what you are doing. You will create an obstacle for yourself. It is really hard to get over an obstacle that you created yourself. We are not conscious of it, but your emotions will take over your mind.

Just be you, that is more than enough. Keep focusing on the things that you want to do and keep reminding yourself of your goals. If you keep comparing yourself to others, it will stand in the way of becoming a better version of yourself. It will really harm your personal development.

You will lose the goals you had in mind, it will make you lose your vision and your commitment. If you want to be successful you can’t lose your vision, you can’t lose your goals and you can’t lose your commitment.

Don’t let this stand in your way. A journey awaits you and it would be a pity if you lost sight of your journey.


The impact of this subject is really huge. It is sometimes underestimated and we do it sometimes, without even knowing it. Don’t underestimate this subject. Keep working on it and keep an eye on yourself. Don’t become a victim of this problem.

Jealousy is an illness that will arise without you noticing it. It will come and ruin your life and the life of somebody else. Jealousy will make your mental life really a mess. You will become mentally ill and you won’t be able to focus on your life. Jealousy will make you lose time and if you want to be successful, you don’t want to lose your focus and your time. Don’t be jealous, everybody had to grind first before they had what they have now. Being jealous of somebody will make you want to act as the person that you are jealous about and you will want the things that he/she has. In the end, you will never be able to be yourself.

By constantly looking at the life of the other person, you will never become happy with what you have. If you can’t be happy with what you have, how can you be happy when you have it all? Keep reminding yourself that you have a unique story and a unique life. There will always be people that have a lot more than you, but there are also people that have a lot less than you.

Eventually, it will stand in your way. You will create an obstacle for yourself. It will stand in the way of your personal development and that means that you can never become successful.

Keep up doing what you are doing. Keep the focus on your own goals and your own life. Remind yourself that you have a unique story and a unique life.


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