Dealing with the seasons of life

Seasons of life

I was very inspired by the speeches of Jim Rohn. He talked about the seasons of life. It was such an inspiring speech. By this speech, he was able to change the way I look at life. It is really amazing to learn about this subject. Everything will sound so simple. I really think that you will be inspired too. So read on and let’s look at life differently.


Life is something very interesting. It has all the seasons that we know about. Just like the seasons, the winters are hard. Everybody has a winter in their lives. It can be cold and hard for a lot of us. Including myself. I have been through winters in life and I know for sure you have been going through the harsh winters of life too.

Let me explain to you what winters of life are all about. I need to say that I was inspired by Jim Rohn about this subject. We all know that life can be tough and sometimes life can come with some surprises that we don’t like. These surprises can sometimes be very hard to handle. It can get emotionally hard to handle them.

The thing is that you need to be able to handle these harsh times. Being able to handle the winters, means that you are a strong and ambitious person. It means that you have taken advantage of the summers, which I will explain next.

The winters of life are the times where nothing seems to go well and everything just seems to go the opposite direction. If you have these symptoms it means that you are in the winter. How do you survive this you may ask. Well, the answer is quite simple, you need to be prepared. Be prepared and mentally ready to face the winters of your life.

Always remember that these times and days will pass by. Time passes by. Patience is key and also what you have done in order to prepare yourself for this winter. 


The greatest time of the year. Nice hot sun and no stress. We also have these times in life too. We need to be thankful for these days. When summer comes, it does not mean that you can be lazy the whole summer. No! There are a lot of people who will be jealous of your success and they will try to steal your success.

Be cautious in the summer. You can enjoy the summer but never become lazy. Keep an eye on the crops you have planted in the spring. Intruders may come and steal these crops you have planted in the spring. 

The summers of your life are the days where you can see the things grow which you have planted in the spring. If you have planted nothing, then your summers will be worth nothing. Summer also means that you need to prepare for a winter again. Always remember that a winter will come and that you need to be able to survive the winters.

Summers of life are the moments that you need in order to enjoy the progress that you have made in the spring or you have done nothing in the spring and that means that you will have nothing in the summer to enjoy. If you have nothing in the summer it means that you will be not well prepared for the winter.

Life is just like that. If you have not grown from the failures you had, you will not be able to be stronger when hard times knock on your door. It actually means that you can prepare yourself a little bit for hard times that will come.


This is the time where you want to plant new things. It actually means that this is the moment to try and learn new things in your life. This is the moment to grow yourself in order to enjoy your summer. 

Learn new skills and try new things in order to become a better you. Not only is it useful to learn new things, it is also important to learn from your winters during spring. I think this is the most important part. Learn from your mistakes that you made during the winter and do it differently and better. This will make sure that you will have a more relaxed summer.

Moving forward

The most important thing that these things learn us, is the fact that you need to keep going. Be conscious about the seasons of your life. When you go through hard times, or as we called it winters, you need to be able to keep moving. 

This is not only a rule for the winter but also for the other seasons. Become someone who constantly learns from his/her mistakes and becomes a better person after each season. Keep moving on. Winters will come and they will go. Summers will come and go, so take full advantage of them. Springs will come and go try to be useful during the springs. 

These things learn us a lot. It teaches us to keep going and see your life as the seasons.


Our lives are just the same as the seasons of life. Sometimes it will be a hard and cold winter and sometimes it will be a very nice summer. The thing is that we will experience every single one of them. Treat every season differently.

During the winter, you need to be able to keep yourself warm. If you want to do this, you need to make your springs better, in order for you to have a better summer. A better summer means a better winter. It means that when things are not going that well, you need to have learned from the mistakes you made earlier to be better prepared for the hard times that are still to come.

Be a person that constantly moves forward and tries to prepare himself for every season of life.

Life can be hard, life can be sweet, you just need to know how to deal with it

-Seyfullah Semen

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