How do I find my passion?

Passion? What the heck

Being able to know what your passion is, is something very difficult in life. It is very important for a human to have a passion in life. It is a very beautiful word, but how do I find my passion? Where do I need to start? These are all questions that might rise up when somebody tells you that you need a passion in life. In this post, I will try to explain how to find this magical thing. Keep on reading and enjoy!

What is a passion?

Let us start with understanding this word. When we search this beautiful word, we find a meaning that is rather interesting.

strong and barely controllable emotion.

This is a pretty deep meaning. I can tell you that I know that this meaning is really true. Passion is something really amazing and as Google told us the meaning of this word, it is really a strong emotion. Once you find it in your life, you will do your work with all your emotions and that is the most interesting thing about this word.How do I find my passion meaning

Once you find this strong emotion in your life, your life will never be the same. I can tell you that out of an experience. Well, what is this barely controllable emotion? This emotion will make you a different person. When you do something and you don’t like it, you can feel an emotion of sadness. For example, when you go to work and you know that you don’t like the job that you are doing, you will automatically be emotional.

Can you imagine how many people go to work while they hate their work? It is really true and you might be one of them. That is what a life without passion will do to you. This can ruin your emotional life. Well, what does a life with passion do then?

It does the opposite thing to your emotional life. It will make you so happy knowing that you have made your work out of your hobby. This is just an example. Having a passion for what you do can become emotional. It actually is very emotional and I am not saying that you will be crying the whole day. Emotional in the way that you will do your work with your heart and this is something special.

Not everybody is able to work with their hearts and not everybody will have a job that they truly like. Especially in this era where nobody even knows what they like in life or what they want to do. Humans have become such great social media freaks, that we tend to forget to find this crazy emotion that can light up our life and our career.

Where to start?

Well, if passion is so important, where do I start then? This might be a question that comes to your mind and it is normal. As I said before, not everybody is able to find their passion and do their work with their hearts. Let’s start and see the steps that you need to take in order to become a passionate person.

1. Personal development

This one is the thing I keep talking about. Personal development is the fundamental building block of everything you want to do in life. Start by discovering you. Keep the process going of making yourself a better person than you were yesterday. This will make your life very different in a good way. If you don’t work on yourself, you will never know who you really are and what you really like in life. If you don’t know what you like, you will never be able to know what your passion is, so keep up with personal development.

2. Be curious

It is really cool to see a baby learn or seeing a child learn. When you put something new before them, they will be so happy and try touching the object you put in front of them. They will put this new object it in their mouths and start discovering it. That is how a grownup person should be too. We tend to forget how fun it is to discover new things in life. This is because when we start to grow up we become people who like to prejudice things we see. We have never tried anything and yet we see we don’t like it. It means we are not that curious anymore. That is a pity because you can’t tell that something is not fun if you have never tried it before. Keep being curious to learn new things in life.

3. Don’t be afraid

A lot of us tend to be afraid to try new things. The example I gave earlier about children and babies is a really good example. Babies are not afraid to try new things and neither are children. Our parents learn us what to be afraid of. This is also something that we can develop later on as the years pass by and we become older. Most of us are afraid of doing new things. We are afraid of failing. Well, I can tell you that you will fail a lot in your life. That is completely normal, so get used to it. Life is too short not to try new things which you may like.

Keep doing

The secret to finding your passion is really simple. PSSSSSTTT don’t tell anybody okay. The secret is as simple as this “keep doing!”. In order to find your passion, you got to be willing to keep doing new things and dive deep into new subjects until you have found the thing that really touches your heart.

By doing new things, you will not only find your passion, but you will also step out of your comfort zone. In order to find the thing that really will make an impact on your life, you need to be able to keep trying things you were afraid of trying.How do I find my passion doing

Try to find the real you. If you don’t keep doing things that are out of your comfort zone, you can end up having a life full of regret and that is not something that you want. Your life is unique and everybody has talents. We as humans need to discover these talents as soon as possible. It is not only talents that we are searching. We are searching for something more intense, something far better than talent. This is called passion.

If you don’t try anything, you will never know what your purpose is in life. 

A life without purpose is like a life without oxygen.
– Seyfullah Semen

The quote above is true. This is what will happen if you don’t find your passion. Some of us will find their passion later and others will find it very early in their lives. It does not matter whether you are old or young, just keep discovering new things about yourself. Put in the hours to learn about new subjects and before you know it, you will find your true passion.


The meaning of passion is a very deep one. When you search the word on Google, you get the following answer: “strong and barely controllable emotion.”. Really amazing right?

If you want to find your passion, you need to start by doing the following three things:

  1. Personal development
  2. Be curious
  3. Don’t be afraid

If you did not read it, scroll to the “Where to start” paragraph and read what I mean by these three things.

Never stop developing yourself. In order to find your passion, you need to be able to try new things in life. Try things you were afraid of and don’t let anybody tell you that you should not do it. If you don’t take the risks of trying new things, you will end up having a life full of regret and that is not something you want. Keep doing you, but never stop learning new things.

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