How do I find my purpose?


When it comes to your life, it is important to have a purpose in life. What is a purpose? It is actually a very important word to know. Well, how can I find my purpose? How can having no purpose affect you? These are all questions that might arise. Let’s start our journey, in order to find our purpose. 

What is a purpose?

Great question. First of all, let’s ask our best friend Google what this word means.

The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Wow, is this not powerful? Actually, it is. It is so important to know your purpose in life and you can tell by the meaning just how important this subject is. It is easy to know what your goals are, but that does not mean that you have a purpose in life.

Having a purpose means that you know what you are living for, so it will even help you define the meaning of your life. How great is that? What are you striving for and why? These are the questions that this beautiful word will answer for you.

A purpose is nothing more than knowing why you did wake up this morning. Many people will have difficulties knowing this because they don’t even know what their goals are in life or they just hate their work so much. If you have these symptoms, then please check out my article about personal development.

Knowing what you are working for, means that you have a purpose in life. When you wake up, you need to feel some kind of energy that will touch your heart. That is how powerful having a purpose can be. This is what a purpose is. The meaning of this word is knowing why you do the things you do and what you are living for. Now it is the time to ask yourself: “What is my purpose?”. Remember this quote forever:

A life without a purpose, is like a life without oxygen
                       – Seyfullah Semen

How do I Start?

Sometimes you might be wondering, what am I made for? This is really great. It is actually amazing to have this because not a lot of people can think about this. This is one of the reasons why people fail and never become successful. A lot of people aim for the money and they think that life is only about making money. If you think this way, then I can tell you that you will never be able to find your purpose in life.

It actually goes very deep. It has a good relationship with your emotions. What is the thing in life that really makes your heart pound harder than ever before? So let’s sum up the steps. The steps are actually questions and I will explain what I mean by these questions.

1. Who are you?

First and for most, I want you to start the journey of discovering who you really are. This is always the beginning of something great. In order to know your purpose in life, you need to know who you are and what you like in life. It is as simple as this. In order for you to grow into the person you want to become, you need to keep working on yourself. By knowing who you are, you will be able to better determine where you want to be in life. Keep working on yourself and always seek for a better you.

2. What are your goals?

In life, you need to have goals. In order to have a goal in life, you first have to know who you are. As a described above. If you know what your goals are, you have already taken the second, and maybe the most important step, towards knowing your purpose in life. Your goals will define you. The goals of Somebody are actually the reflection of who they really want to become in life. Goals will shape you into the person you want to become. This makes it such a crucial part of knowing what your purpose is.

3. Why are you doing it?

The last step is a rather interesting one. I have already written a post about this beautiful subject and I will keep it short here, but if you are interested in this particular subject, you can check out the post. Know your why. If you don’t have a purpose in life, it really means that you don’t know why you are doing the things you do. It will really make you sad. In order to know your purpose, you need to understand why you are doing what you are doing.

List your interests and your passions

In order to find your reason in life, you need to know what you are interested in and what really makes you feel great. I am talking about what you like in life and really feel emotionally great when you do that one thing. How do I find my purpose write

Create a list and the list doesn’t have to be a super long one. Just write down 3 things you really like. Find the things that you really like to do in your free time. Many people fail at doing this, you know why because it is easier not to do it. We are very busy with a lot of things and we tend to forget ourselves. That is the reason why we can’t find our own interests anymore.

When you are done with writing down the things you really like to do, it is time to pick the one you enjoy the most. Try to come up with some goals for this particular hobby.

Personal development really plays a big part in our lives and we need to keep reminding ourselves that it will take our careers and our lives to the next level.

Try out new things

If you want to know your purpose in life, you really need to be able to step out of your comfort zone. A lot of people can’t reach their full potential, because they are too afraid of trying new things. Hey, remember we are different. We are here to become successful, so get up an try new things.

Start out with the things you always wanted to try, but you were too afraid of doing it. When you step out of your comfort zone, you will be able to know yourself better and this is a sign that you are really doing the right things.

The second things you need to do is, that you need to try the things which you thought that you might not like. Even the things that you swore not to do. Keep doing those things and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Before you know it, you will discover so many new talents which you never knew anything about.

The effect of a life without purpose

It can really affect you in a negative way. A life without purpose means a life without things you want to achieve. If you don’t want to achieve anything in life, you will start becoming sad about your own life. What will happen, is that you will be a very negative person because you just don’t know what to do and what you are made for.

I don’t think anybody wants that. When you are young, you won’t feel it that much, but you must imagine that you are older and have a career which you don’t like. What will happen is that you will have a life full of regret. This will happen if you don’t take action in order to become a person that knows why he is here. How do I find my purpose sad

When you wake up, you will have no energy and your life will really be miserable. Many people suffer from depression and really feeling sad nowadays. It is because a lot of people don’t know why they are here. The world is full of chances, you just need to get up and discover your purpose. If you only sit and wait, you will never be able to reach your full potential.

It is really hard to know that you have no purpose in life. We need to make progress.


When we asked Google what purpose meant, it gave us the following answer: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

In order to find your purpose, you need to start out by answering the following questions:

1. Who are you?

2 What are your goals?

3. Why are you doing it?

In order to find your purpose, you really need to know what your passion is and what the things are that you are interested in. Make a list of 3 things you like to do and choose the one that makes you the happiest.

life is about trying out new things. Start with trying out things that you found interesting, but you never tried. After you have done that, try things that you swore on to never ever do it.

The effect of having no purpose in life can be really harmful. Imagine a life without knowing why you are here or what you truly want to do in life. This will lead to sadness and depression. Find your purpose and discover talents which you never knew anything about.

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