I am so tired! How do I overcome laziness?

Laziness issue here!

We all know the well-known laziness problem. It seems to have such a big impact on us. Especially nowadays with everything getting digital. It seems as if people are starting to forget that they have a life. Laziness is a big issue and I have had the same stupid problem. Even now before I started writing this post, A voice in my head said: “Just watch a movie today and write tomorrow”. Well, HEELLL NOOO!!! I am going to conquer my laziness. Keep on reading.

It is all mental

Yes. our mental life is tough and being lazy is just something mental that we need to concur. A lot of things in our lives are mental things. When you go to the gym and you have some extra weights and you are training harder than yesterday, something in your head says: “NOOOOOOO!!! I don’t want to do this”. This is just being lazy.

Laziness is just your mind telling you that you are tired and that you don’t want to do something. Your mind will tell you that you can do it tomorrow. I got the same problem over and over again. Before I started writing this article, something in my head told me that I was too tired and maybe I should do it tomorrow. At first, I believed this and I thought: “If you let this mental thing win, then you will never have a successful blog.” This was my fuel to go on.

The great thing is, you can do this too. Overcome laziness by winning from the sounds in your head which are telling you to do it tomorrow or not doing it at all. There is one boss of your body and that is yourself. Be stronger.

Gear up with your goals!

I heard you want to overcome laziness. If you have this desire well than you have no time to sit still. I know the problem, you have no goals right? Even if you have goals, your goals are not big enough. Set some super duper big goals. The most important thing is that you really believe in your goals. 

When you hear a voice again in your head telling you that you need to watch a movie or do something else, that is the moment that you need to remind yourself of your goals. This can only be effective if you have a big enough goal. A goal that really moves you. Check your goals and see if they are really what you want to achieve.

In order to be successful with this part, you need to set one big goal. I mean really big. Still, it needs to be a goal which you really believe in. So now you have one big goal. What is the next step? you ask. Simple create smaller goals every day in order to achieve this big goal you have in mind. This way you will have a planning each day you need to complete. Otherwise, you will be further away from your goal.

Remember, this is a mental game and you need to win. Remind yourself of your goals every single day. Before I started writing this article I had the same problem. The reason I wrote this article is that I reminded myself of my goal. I want to grow this blog to a super great community where people can learn from the articles and really become successful. In order to do that I need to keep writing even if it means that I need to sleep one hour less.

Just do

This can be harsh. Especially for people who are really lazy. Laziness can become an obstacle for doing things. As I said before it is all mental.

I am so lazy! How do I overcome laziness kick it out of your life

I got to admit that I have problems myself doing things. The great thing is I figured out how to overcome this. I just take my time. Yes. As simple as that. Tell yourself that you NEED to do it. Let me give an example. If I get the feeling that I don’t want to write, because of my laziness, I just tell myself that I need to write first. So I am trying to win the mental game first. After this step, I just open my laptop and tell myself that I need to write a couple of sentences and have a rest afterward. I am not giving myself the chance to become lazy. I write a couple of sentences and look outside for a while. After that, I focus again on my work and the feeling of finishing this article becomes greater than my laziness.

Don’t rush. Take your time. Relax a bit. Sit down have a cup of tea or coffee and just start out slow. At first, you will want to win the mental game and just start out by doing it even if your mind says that you are not able to do it.

You can do this!

Before you start, always remember that you are stronger than these sounds in your head telling you that you can’t do it. Almost everything is mental. Don’t be scared, you can do it really. Kick laziness out of your life, just like how I did it. If I can do it everybody can do it. I am a human just like you, so no excuses. Tell yourself that you don’t want to be behind on your dreams because of your laziness. It is a waste of your time.

Achieving your goals is far more important than watching the movie you wanted to watch or the games you wanted to play. As I always say: “Don’t let regret become a part of your life”. It is possible, but you got to work on this and overcome laziness TODAY!

It is worth it

There is no better feeling than winning from your laziness. I mean like really. It feels so great. I feel so great. Just half an hour ago I felt so lazy I did not want to write this article, but hey I won from the voices in my head telling me that I should not do it. 

It feels great because you have done what you need to do in order to keep achieving the small goals you set every day. It will feel as if you are getting closer to your bigger goal in life. The thing is that I would have regretted today and I would feel empty if I did not write this article. That would be a far worse feeling. Now I feel great and I am teaching you how I did it and what is effective in order to kick laziness out of your life.

Get up and do what you got to do it! It is worth it.


Laziness is mental. Like many other things in life, so get used to it. It will come from time to time. Maybe even every day, but you need to keep winning.

Ask yourself what your goals are and if they are big enough. Does your goal or your goals really come from your heart? If you have a goal or if you have goals let them be big enough so it will keep you going even if laziness comes into play.

It sounds simple but do it. Don’t rush it. Start slowly. Eventually, you will get the feeling that you need to finish what you have started.

There are no excuses. I have done it and that means that you can do it too. It is really worth it.

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