I have lost my motivation. What now?


When it comes to motivation, people tend to not fully understand this word. I admit it is a pretty difficult word to understand. It is also because people give wrong information about motivation. If you don’t understand this word well, you can end up quitting all the things you have worked for. With this post, I hope that I can make this word clear to you and what you need to do instead. Keep on reading.

Wrong interpretation

Being able to interpret a word is something very difficult. It is never easy to fully understand a word. When it comes to the word motivation, I need to admit that it is indeed very important to understand this word.

I see a lot of questions on the internet from people who find it difficult to stay motivated or people that are panicking because they say they have lost their motivation. The reason for this is simple. A lot of people don’t understand this word and it will make them feel lost when they lose this feeling.

Motivation is not what you think it is. It is not about watching motivational video’s, feeling energized again and going for gold again. Motivation is a sneaky thing. I hear a lot of people say: “I lost my motivation so, what I was doing is not meant for me”. Please just get this crap out, please.

People really give up on their dreams, because they have this wrong interpretation of this word. Let’s discover what this word really means and what you can do instead.

What is it?

Why can't I motivate myself what is it

Motivation is a really complex thing. I see it as something that is unpredictable and that is exactly what it is. It will sometimes be at a high level and you will feel so motivated and sometimes it just fades away. It is really difficult to stay motivated and it does not matter whether you like your job very much or not. I got to say that loving your job will really make your life easier a lot. 

Many people around you will tell you that you need motivation in order to keep going. When you tell them you lost your motivation, they will tell you that you need to quit that dream and maybe it is nothing for you. This is so wrong. Motivation just plays with your emotions. Emotions can change from time to time and that is normal. It does not mean that you need to quit your dreams. Why should you? The fact is that a lot of people do this.

Don’t be a person that is fueled by emotions. Emotions are good, but don’t let them overwhelm you. The consequences can be devastating. Motivation is just the emotions you feel when you, for example, start with something new. The feeling you feel when you have set a new goal for yourself. Do you know that feeling, when you are just starting out with this cool new skill? Man, that feeling is great. Energy seems to flow all over your body and you think: “Nobody can stop me. This is my goal.”

After a while, you don’t feel that motivated anymore and you thought that this was something for you. This is just what motivation is. Sometimes you will feel so motivated and sometimes you feel like doing nothing and you don’t feel that motivated. It is just an emotion.

What do I do?

Now you got stuck, you lost your motivation and you are now thinking about leaving your dream behind and search for what you are “really” meant for. WRONG! If you do this, you will keep doing this. As I said before, motivation is just an emotion like any other emotion.

Control it

This is one of the most difficult things to do. Controlling an emotion can be really hard work. We are just human being and we have emotion. Being emotional is just in our blood. Controlling this emotion is important.

Don’t let motivation determine your future. When you lose your motivation, it does not mean that you need to give up the dreams you have been dreaming about for such a long time. If you want something bad enough, you will need to persevere and control this emotion. If you don’t do this, you will end up with nothing, because motivation will come and go. This is how it is and you got to control it.


This is the real deal. Motivation is just a simple emotion, but your ambitions and your commitment are the things that will keep you going when your motivation seems to give up on you. Your ambitions need to be greater than any emotion in your body. Ask yourself how bad you want it and let that be your fuel.

Giving up on your dreams because you lost your motivation is just the most stupid thing to do. Remind yourself of your ambitions. If your ambitions are not big enough, well then you just need to rethink your ambitions and make them worth fighting for. 

Life is hard and that is something we all know, but you need to have something to hold on to and something that makes you keep going even when times get hard. Write down your biggest ambition on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere in your room, so the moment when you feel like giving up because you lost your motivation, you can always remind yourself why you started this journey.

Check your goals

Your goals will define who you will become. Chose your goals carefully. The moment you lose your motivation, it can be hard for you to stick to your plan and your goal. This can be very disappointing. If you get the feeling that you want to quit because you lost your motivation, that is the moment that you need to take a look at your goals.

Check if your goals are big enough and check if it is really what you want. If you have a goal that is really what you want, you will never want to give up.

Check your goals and really be honest with yourself. If your goal is not big enough don’t be afraid to pick a bigger goal. It is your life, you know what you are capable of. Don’t let motivation determine your goals or your life. Pick a dream so big that you will persevere no matter what.

Keep moving forward

The only way to get over this feeling when you lose motivation is by pushing through and keeping up with hard work. Remember that sometimes you will have the motivation and sometimes it just fades away and you will feel lost and sad. That is something you can’t change, so deal with it.

When this moment comes, know how to push through this moment. Instead of giving up, keep moving forward. Demand yourself that you need to keep going. It is your goal and you need to achieve this.


Motivation is being interpreted very wrong by a lot of people. A lot of people tend to give up on their dreams because they have lost their motivation. It is very wrong.

Motivation is just a simple emotion like any other emotion we feel. Sometimes you will full so much energy because of this emotion and sometimes you will feel like giving up because of this emotion, but in the end, it is just an emotion.

There are some steps you need to take, so motivation won’t take over your life and rob you of your dreams.

  1. Control it
  2. Ambitions
  3. Check your goals
  4. Keep moving forward

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