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Self-improvement is something very interesting One of the building blocks of self-improvement is knowing the reason for the things that you do. ‘Why’. a very easy word. Actually, this word has a very deep meaning when it comes to personal development. Your Why? What is that? you need to know the reason for doing the things you do. How can your ‘why’ help develop you? How can it help you find yourself? How can it help you to sharpen your goals in life? 

A simple, yet powerful question.  

Finding you

In our journey of finding ourselves, it is very important to know why you do the things that you do. Ones you have begun the process of finding you, you will soon start to think about why am I so passioned about the things I do? Why am I doing this?

These are great questions. You see you will begin a whole new era in your life where you will start to question yourself. You will start to ask what the reasons are you do something and that is very good. These questions will help you define yourself. It will help you to find you.

When you start to know yourself better, you will want to tell the people about this great vision you have in life. Telling your vision is great, but what if they asked you: “Why do you have that vision in life?” Doing something because you want to earn money is not valid. That has nothing to do with it. That is the result that you want. You want to earn money by doing the thing you love the most.

It has so much in common with Personal development. It actually helps you define yourself even more. That is the purpose of this blog. Self-improvement/personal development is the main purpose of this blog.

Inspire people

A super magical part of knowing the reason why you do things is the fact that you can steal the hearts of so many people. When you start the process of self-improvement, you want to have some kind of an audience. People that know about your vision and people who know what your goals are. This will help market yourself as a person.Know your why and inspire

Apple is one of the greatest examples. What Apple has done, is touching peoples hearts. They have really made themselves stand above the rest. They made the people believe that the people who own an Apple laptop are different than others. Look how they have done it. They told the people ‘why’ they did make the Apple laptop. People could see what their purpose was and that touched the heart of the people.

By knowing the ‘why’ in your life, you will be able to do that too. I am not saying that you just need to come up with a very emotional story and tell the people why you are doing what you are doing, but think about your ‘why’ for yourself first. Think about the things that you really can change when you achieve your goal. Think about how you can make the lives of other people better.

By knowing the reason for the things you do, you will be able to express yourself better to other people. You can really inspire a lot of people. I started this blog in order to help people and have a better life after each post they read and one day I want to make a change with this blog. I want people to be aware of themselves.

Doing it with a purpose

Imagine that you are doing something, but you don’t have a clear purpose. Without a purpose, you won’t have any idea of where you will end. Your goals are not enough. Your goals are just the things you want to achieve in life.

Doing something with a purpose is really something different. When you do something with a purpose, you will have the drive to go beyond the impossible. Your goal only is not enough. Ones you know why you do things, it will be noticeable to other people. They will see that you do your work with love. When you talk to people you really can explain them the things that you want to change when you achieve your goals.

If you have a goal in life, you will only know where you want to go, but not what you want to change or what you want to change for the people around the globe. Inspiring people with your goal is different because you have a purpose. You will be different, different from the rest of the world.

Everybody needs it

A lot of people around the world need to have a ‘why’. There are a lot of people on earth, which have a clear vision a goal in life, but they don’t seem to reach peoples hearts and they don’t seem to be very happy with their lives. Know your why everybody needs it

In order to be different, in order to become an influencer and a real difference in this world, you really need to be someone that knows his/her ‘why’. You need to be the person that is really trying to make the world a better place. Self-improvement is really something amazing.

Know your goals in life, but make them even more clear by having a purpose with your goal. Everybody needs a ‘why’. If you don’t know why you do things, you will not like the things you do from the heart and that is a pity.


In order to keep discovering yourself, you need to know ‘why’ you do things you do in your life. This really helps you with self-improvement. It helps you discover an emotional part of yourself.

Keeping people inspired by your reasons is something so magical. You will reach the hearts of many people. You will build your own audience filled with people who share the same idea and the same purpose. You will be the one that stands in front of all those people and leads the way. Apple is a great example of this. A lot of companies wanted to create a computer, but nobody had a clearer vision than Apple had. Still, today, when people buy an Apple laptop they feel different from the rest because Apple reached the hearts of many people with their ‘why’.

Do the things you do with a purpose. Take a moment and think about what you want to change when you achieve your goal. This will help you get a clearer goal. You will be able to explain your goal better and people feel that you are trying to make a change for everybody around the globe, not only for yourself.

Really everybody needs a ‘why’. A lot of people become a manager or something big, but not many people reach the heart of the people.

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Simon Sinek – Start with why

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