What is the meaning of life?

Meaning of life

We can ask ourselves this question so many times. It is really a difficult question. Understanding the meaning of life is challenging. Here at this blog, we look at it from a perspective of personal development. The meaning of life is not something hard to understand. Well then, what is the meaning of life? What has this to do with personal development? How can understanding the meaning of life help me?


Life is one big mystery and sometimes it can be hard to understand. The thing is that we can look to it from the side of personal development. A very great subject of personal development is goals. The question is, how can goals define the meaning of our lives?The meaning of life and goals

The answer to that is pretty simple. Setting a bunch of goals can make you think about your life differently. Setting goals have something magical. If you have a goal in life it will automatically give meaning to your life. Actually, your goals define your life. The goals you have in life will determine how your life will be. It is pretty logical because when you set a goal in life or goals, you will work on that goal until you become the person you wanted to become by achieving the goal that you had in mind.

If you set a goal you have, kind of, started to define your own life. What you have done is giving direction to your life. It has a pretty good relation with personal development and that is good. If you choose to have a goal in life to be a better person in life and to help people out with problems, you are already defining the meaning of your life with your goal. The meaning of life for you will be: helping people and doing good things for people.

Setting goals are not only helpful for yourself, but also for defining the meaning of life for yourself. Setting goals has the power to give your life a direction.

We define the meaning of life

In the last paragraph, we talked about setting goals and how that can define the meaning of our own life. What I want to say here in this paragraph, is that you define the meaning of your life. We as an individual have a lot of power when it comes to managing our lives and what our life means, not only to us but also for others.

We can define how our future will look like and I am not saying that when you want to become a very successful person, that it will happen by just wanting it, but by defining our own life I mean that we can decide which way we are going and that is what makes us different from all the creatures that live on earth. If you decide to become something in life, you will have defined the meaning of your own life. Define the meaning of life

This is one of the reasons why personal development is such an interesting subject. It contains almost everything we need to become better people in life. By choosing a direction you want to go in life, you are defining your purpose in life and you will develop your own philosophy of life.

Creating your own philosophy in life is a very important one because by having a philosophy, you will see the world the way you want and this will also determine what the meaning of life is. The thing is you will have your own personal philosophy and the great thing is, it will make you a better person.

Watch this to understand your personal philosophy better:
Jim Rohn about personal philosophy

Personal development

The great thing is that this subject goes hand in hand with personal development. Knowing the meaning of your own life will make a better person. The moment that you decide to dedicate yourself to something from the heart, you will start doing things that you need to do in order to become a better person.

Knowing the meaning of your life will make you reflect on yourself more. The thing is that you will also develop your own personal philosophy, as I mentioned before, and this will also give your life meaning. What you are doing is defining your own life and that is the meaning of life. That is the reason why I started this blog. We have to realize that personal development is really something that will be underestimated by a lot of people and that is not positive.

Creating your own meaning of life is essential when it comes to personal development. By knowing yourself, you will be able to see the world from a very different perspective. We are the ones in charge of our own personal development.

By knowing the meaning of your own life, you can better understand “why” you do the things you do. It will make sure that you sharpen your purpose in life and this is also a part of personal development.


When it comes to personal development, this will be one of the most important things. When you have defined your meaning of life, you will start building a character that fits that meaning. Our goal at this blog is to become a better person every day and achieving massive success. The thing that we will need is a good character. By knowing the meaning of your own life, you will become a better person and build a better character.

Being able to define the meaning of your life will make you inspire others in life, you will become more helpful and willing to help others that need help. Knowing your meaning of life will make you more focused on your goals. Being better focused on your goal means that you are willing to build the character you need in order to become the person you want to be.

It is difficult to understand that knowing the meaning of your own life, clicks the other parts so nicely together. It is really amazing.


It has been an interesting post. It is so nice to see how it clicks just nicely with the other subjects of personal development.

The funny thing is that you define what the meaning of your life is. The first thing you can do is by defining your ultimate goal in life. What is it that you want in life? What do you want to become? These questions can help you define the meaning of your life. Setting goals has the power to give your life a direction.

We are in charge of our own lives, so we define what the meaning is of our life. What does your life stand for? By knowing the answer to this question, you will be able to define your own personal philosophy about life. By having a personal philosophy about life, you will give the meaning of your own life.

Personal development and the meaning of your life go hand in hand with each other. The reason is pretty simple. Ones you know the meaning of your own life you will be able to better understand your “why” in life and this will help you become a better person. It will help you understand yourself better.

By knowing the meaning of your own life, you will see the world differently. This helps you build a different character and you will become much more helpful towards others. The most beautiful part is, that you can inspire people with how you see the world.

What is the meaning of your life? And what is your personal philosophy? Leave a comment below. I would love to read your reactions.

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