How do I motivate myself?

Feel the motivation!

I think we all know the famous word. Motivation seems to be one of the most important words when it comes to achieving your dreams. Is it really true? What is motivation about? Should you really be focussing on motivation? All of these questions may arise. A lot of people try to find motivation when they don’t have any motivation anymore. Is this the right thing to do?

What is motivation about?

How many times did you feel energized when you just started out with something new? 10 times or a 100 times? When I start with something new I feel amazing and I feel like this feeling can never go away. I had this feeling too when I started blogging. I think everybody has this feeling. You start something new and you start fantasizing about the things you can achieve with your goal. You will feel “motivated”.

Motivation is nothing more than a feeling. A feeling that somebody can feel when they feel excited about something. So in reality motivation is really nothing more than a feeling you feel just like any other emotion.

The funny thing is that motivation can come and go anytime. Just as we said before motivation is just a feeling. This is exactly what motivation is.

Should you focus on motivation?

I read so many questions online. Most of the questions are about the fact how to find motivation again. There is always one thing I say when I come across these questions. Never build on motivation! You read it correctly. Never ever trust motivation and never focus on finding more motivation.

Wasting your time is what you will be doing and that is a pity. Well, what should I be focussing on then? The answer to that is also very simple. Instead of focussing on motivation, focus on how bad you wanted to achieve your goal when you started out. Remeber the fact what got you started with what you are doing right now. Instead of watching motivational video’s and motivational speeches, try to ask yourself some questions about your goals. What is it that moved you in the first place.

A lot of people try to find some more motivation. Don’t be one of these people. When you want to achieve something, it is not your motivation that will help you achieve your goal. No. Instead, it is your commitment. Commitment and your will to keep going are what will keep you going when your motivation leaves you.

Check the goals

One of the most important things you need to do is to keep checking your goals. Your goals will determine a lot about you. It can determine how you will live, how you will think about yourself and where you will come in life. The problem with a lot of people is that they set goals, which is good but are just too small. Be brave enough to think bigger.

Don’t be afraid of setting big goals. When you lose your motivation, which will happen, you need to have something that keeps you going no matter what. The reason for you to give up on your dreams when your motivation disappears, it really is an indication of you having not big enough goals.

Another reason could be that you don’t really believe in your goals.

What to do instead?

Take control of this feeling. As I said before, motivation is just a feeling. Take control of this feeling. Never build on motivation and never let it take over your life.

Remind yourself why you started doing what you have been doing. Remember that motivation will come and go no matter what. Never let go of your dream because you have lost your motivation. I can tell you that you will never find something where you will keep your motivation for a 100% every day. So get over it and just keep doing what you really want.

Life is about dealing with the seasons of life. Sometimes you will feel motivated and sometimes there will be days where everything just seems to go downhill. It is just how life is. Deal with it. Never let go of your dreams and trust the process of life. Keep writing in your journal.


Motivation is just another feeling like many other feelings we will feel. Never focus on motivation. It will disappoint you anyway. Motivation will come and go. So building on this feeling and taking decisions because of this feeling is not a very good choice.

If you lose motivation and you give up on your dreams because of this, it really means that your goals are not big enough. Check your goals and don’t be afraid of setting bigger goals.

Always remember the fact of why you started this journey you chose. What did motivate you to do what you are doing right now? Stay committed to your dreams and your goal.

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