How do I stay focused ?


Yes. it is a difficult subject. There are so many ways we lose our focus on something we do. It might be something we need to finish within a couple of hours but we just can’t manage to keep focused to finish the job. Well, how do I stay focused? What can I do to keep focused? 

Focus and productivity

There is a great correlation between productivity and focus. I have found this correlation within my own life and it is crazy how these two things go hand in hand with each other. If you want to find this correlation yourself, you need to try keeping a timer and only focussing on your work for about 20 minutes.

The outcome will be crazy. You will have finished so much work within that 20 minutes. You will see that you will have finished so much more work than you would have finished when you did not stay focused. Focus and productivity are great friends. I even have seen this when I work on things. I set a timer so many times. The first thing that really amazes me is how much I could do in 20 minutes when I stay focused.

People will tell you how to stay focused with all their techniques but, most of the time these things won’t work. Instead what you need to do is that you need to work on your focus. Even when I write this article is that I want to keep focused for around 20 minutes and have a little break and go on writing again.

So answer to better productivity is keeping focused, my friend.

Keep Organized

Well, how many times have you ever walked into your workplace and found it one big mess? Did it make you want to work? I don’t think so. Keeping your workplace tidy and clean will make you feel you want to work. It even will make working fun. I have done this myself too. I did it by adding more books all over my workplace. So I will see all these great books everytime time I walk into my room.

Make your workplace an environment where you will feel at home. Design it the way you want it to look like. I even bought a teapot to make it look even better. Don’t ask me what a teapot has to do with working but I liked it and I thought it would be a great decoration for my bureau so I bought one. By the way, you can make great tea in it ; ).

I like it when my workplace is filled up with books and looks a little bit nerdy. First of all, because I LOVE books and second because it gives me the feeling to keep working and keep learning every single day. It makes me stay focused. Give it a try. Make your workplace look special.

Set daily goals

Goals. I can’t say it enough. Goals are a very important aspect of our daily life. I am not talking about the big goal you have in mind. No, I am talking about the smaller goals that will get you closer to your bigger goal. Set some goals every day. Make a little planning of things that you will need to do before the short 24 hours are over.

So set them wisely. Write these goals down and really achieve them. When I set some daily goals and I can’t achieve them it really makes me angry. I will feel so bad all the time. What I am trying to learn you, is that you need to have some daily habits to keep yourself focused on. Don’t find excuses. Find ways to achieve these small daily goals. It will be an enormous transformation in your life. I promise you that.

Avoid distraction

The biggest issue we face these days is a distraction. It seems to be everywhere we go. Whether it be our mobile phones or our laptops, it is just everywhere. The biggest distraction is social media and we can reach it from our little devices called our mobile phones. If you are distracted quickly, this could mean that you will not be focused during the day.

What I do is keeping my phone away for about 20 minutes when I go to work. After 20 minutes I give myself the time to go on social media for about 5 minutes and work for another 20 minutes. This way you will keep being productive and it will make sure you will not be distracted that much when you are working.

I think the best way to completely overcome this distraction is by removing some of your social media accounts. I have no Facebook and no Instagram or Snapchat and you name all of these social media platforms. The way I use the social media platforms are different from many other people. I use it for business. For example, to grow my blog. I use LinkedIn to find new people all around to globe so I can connect with new people and create business relations.

Keep your time on social media limited and make more time for work that really matters. Remember that you will only have 24 hours every day so don’t waste this precious time on social media.

Set time limits

They say that you don’t need to be hard on yourself. Well, I think differently about that. I have always been hard to myself. It really made more disciplined. Set some time limits for yourself. Make sure you will feel a little stress throughout the day. This way you will start planning your days better. Push yourself to finish some things before you go to bed and set some time limits.

For example, tell yourself to write something when you wake up. Tell yourself that you only want to write for half an hour and the text that you write need to contain around 300 words. This way you will put yourself in a little bit of a stress but, the great thing is that you will stay focused and you will try to finish this job.

Be hard on yourself when it comes to important work that will get you closer to your goals. Step on the gas and try to push yourself.


Focus and productivity go hand in hand. it might sound weird but it is really the truth.

keep your workplace tidy but the most important thing is that you give it a little bit of styling of your own. When you step into your room, you need to get a warm feeling and a feeling that you want to work.

Set some small goals before you go to bed each day and really try to accomplish these goals every day.

Phones are great, but also one of the biggest distractions in our lives. Keep a timer when you go to work. A good way to start is by setting a timer for 20 minutes of work and after these 20 minutes, you can have a 5-minute social media break.

Keep up the pressure. Make sure you will set some time limits for yourself. This way you will have the urge to complete a task before it is too late.

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