Soft skills as a software developer

What is this about?

As a software developer, we tend to forget the importance of soft skills. A lot of software developers think that their lives will be only about programming and be away from people. This is a mindset that is not correct. In this post, I will try to learn you about the most important soft skills and I will tell you why you need soft skills.

Why do I need soft skills?

As a software developer, you must never forget that you are still a human like anyone else. Having soft skills as a human is one of the most important things to possess. Soft skills are also called people skills. If you think about this, it sounds pretty normal that everybody needs people skills. Even as a software developer, you need to be able to work in a team and you need to be able to talk to your colleagues.

Many software developers don’t mind about these skills and that is a pity. A little example is, to look at Bill Gates. This man is a great programmer but at the same time, he knows how to be a peoples man. If you want to grow as a software developer, you need to be able to promote who you are and be someone that can talk with people. Not only with your fellow programmers, but also with your manager or with clients.

If you can’t present who you are, you will never grow. As a programmer, you are not different from others. The only thing that is different is the job you have. You are a programmer that is the only difference. A manager has also a different job title, but he still knows how to talk with people. Everybody needs soft skills and you must not forget this even if you are a programmer.

I am also a programmer and I am still a nerd, but I never forget to talk with people and promote who I am. Businesses like that. If you are not social, you can never be a part of a team.

The important ones

I will list some of the most important soft skills. There are a lot more soft skills, but these are the 3 most important skills.


Being able to talk with your colleagues is very important. By communication, I don’t mean talking about what pokemon you caught yesterday and how many games you played yesterday. No! You need to understand that I mean professional conversations. 

Keep the nerdy talk aside for a while. Your manager is not interested in how many games you play or how nerdy you are. Being able to talk in a professional way is very different. This is one of the biggest issue programmers have. A lot of programmers don’t know how to have professional conversations.

Another issue is that a lot of programmers don’t even talk. These are the programmers who just want to keep programming in a dark room. Companies won’t like this. Become a little bit social. Communication is everywhere, so better get used to this.


Yes. Presenting. A very important soft skill you need as a programmer. Don’t underestimate this skill. When you start to work as a software developer at a big corporate company, you need to be able to present your new ideas to your colleagues and not only to your colleagues but also for your manager. If you can’t present an idea as a software developer or a product you made, who will notice your skills then? Being able to showcase your software is a must as a software developer.

Keep practicing on your presentation skills. By presentation skills I don’t only mean, presenting a powerpoint presentation, but I also mean presenting yourself. When you come to the office, how do you come in? How do you dress? When people talk about you, what would they think about you? Being able to present yourself is very important.

Let people know who you are. Dress properly and keep being professional.


Well, marketing is super important even as a software developer. By marketing, I mean marketing yourself. Remember this, you are your own company. What does a company do in order to let people know who they are? Yes, you are correct. They start marketing in order to sell the products they have.

See yourself as a company. Showcase who you are and try to sell yourself on the market. It sounds a bit crazy. Let me put it this way. As a software developer, you have some pretty good skills writing code and you can make software that will make the company grow. They will want to know what you can offer them in order for them to grow.

Learn to grow yourself by marketing what you can offer.


As a software developer, you need to understand that it is not only about programming. Soft skills are very important. There are 3 important soft skills which I find rather important:

  1. communication skills
  2. presentation skills
  3. marketing skills

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