Do not change! Or should you?

Changing or staying

I have been reading a lot about changing lately and I hear a lot of different opinions. I have my own thoughts about it and I want to share my thoughts with you. Changing is hard and that is not something new, but being able to decide for yourself if you need to change or not can be life-changing. So read on and enjoy. Almost forgot, feel free to leave a comment.

Why change

First of all, let’s try to figure out why we should even think about this subject. As I mentioned before, I came along an article which said that you don’t need to change as a person. Well, I think differently about this opinion. A human is always looking for ways to make him/her self better. We as humans have the ability to change. So why should you not change? If you can become a better person than please take a step to make yourself even better than you already are.

Let me give an example. If you are an alcohol addict, what is it that you need to do? You guessed it right. You need to find ways to get over this addiction. So what are doing then? You are changing yourself into a better person. It is as simple as that. We are humans and if we are not happy with ourselves we have the ability to change ourselves.

So that is the reason why you should change. Change yourself to the person you want to become. I think that is what life is all about. What is the joy of life if you do not learn and do things to make yourself smarter and better? Keep improving yourself.

It all starts with knowing who you are. If you don’t change yourself to a better and smarter person, how are you going to achieve your goals than? It all starts with changing your mindset and changing your goals. Make yourself hungry for change. Investing in yourself. That is something important. By changing yourself, you are investing in yourself. Become the person you want to become.

Staying the same

Is it not boring to wake up and knowing that you are not doing what you like to do? Is it not boring that you don’t know what your talents are? If you don’t change yourself, you will always be the same old you. For some people, this is okay, because they are already perfect. A little secret though, nobody is perfect. People who think they don’t need to change are the once that are arrogant. Don’t be like them. Be hungry for more knowledge. Above all be hungry to get a better character. 

People change all the time. It is just a normal process. Be the one who changes to a better person. I have heard many times that you always need to be yourself and I really think this is wrong and you know why? In life, you will encounter different situations and you need to anticipate and every situation differently. I can be really funny and I can make a lot of jokes, but when it comes to work and business, I like to keep it serious. If I was a clown 24/7, imagine how unprofessional I would have been.

Being able to adapt is really important. So changing is important. If you score low grades every single time, there needs to be a signal telling you that you need to change something about your planning and how you learn. Even our brains notify us to change something about ourselves.

When you see someone today. After one year you want them to say: “Man, he/she became even better than last year!”. Even the seasons on earth change. Sometimes you have a winter and sometimes a summer. What do we do when winter comes? Yeah, you are right! We buy trousers and winter jackets to keep ourselves warm. Humans live in a world where change is just a must. Try to become better than last year.


This is the most important thing in life. I think growth is just something beautiful. I never did much in order to grow myself. How do you achieve growth? By changing. Yeah, Yeah I understand it! I can’t say it enough. Growth comes by changing some small things in your life and not only in your life but also within yourself. Some small things that will change you for the better. Growth does not come from sitting on the couch the whole day and watching television. So you definitely need to change something right?

Growth is change

Be open to change. This way you will be open for growth. Everybody has there flaws and wants to get rid of it. There are so many people who want to try new things in order to become more successful. In order to these things, you need to be able to take the step to change.

Do not change or should you

Your actions

We all have some habits that are bothering us to do things. I have had the habit to constantly look at my cell phone. After a while, I started seeing that I did spend a whole lot of time checking my cell phone. Once I started noticing this habit of mine, I started taking action in order to change this habit.

Not only change your character also try change little habits that are not so good for your personal growth. Habits are really an important part of our lives. Almost everything we do comes out of a habit. So taking control of your habits and actions, will automatically change yourself.

Is this not enough evidence to just keep improving yourself? Take the time to write down your goals and really start the process of changing yourself to the person you always wanted to be. Invest more time in bettering your habits. It is your life and you need to take the responsibilities.


Change is inevitable. Some will tell you that you don’t need to change yourself. I think differently about this. Change is everywhere. If you are not happy about something, you can change it. We have the power to change. So why not take this power and use it to our advantage?

Changing and growth just fit together so well. If you want to grow, there is a big chance you need to change some things in your life, in your actions and within yourself. So change is really a big and important part of our lives. We are not aware of it, but if you think about it, it really is the truth.

So, are your ready to change?

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