The best programming language?

Really does it exist!

“Yeah man, this is the best programming language that you can learn!” Does it sound familiar to you? To me, it sounds really familiar. I have said this many times myself. The question is, is there really a “best” programming language? Is there one super great language that is better than anything else on this world. Could it possibly be true!

Back in the days

well, yeah. I got to admit that I was pretty much in love with Java and still I love Java so much. I don’t care that the language is old and what they say about it. That is my mindset now. Back in the days when I just started out with programming, I thought that Java was just the best of the best. If somebody told me that another language was better I would just get angry. I mean like really angry. I hated when they said that Java was old and C# was better. It would just make me angry.

I think that is something most of the beginning programmers have to deal with. You know, you just start out with programming and you learn a new programming language. You dive deeper into the language and the more you build things with this great new language, the more you fall in love with it. The more you get the feeling that this language is really the best there is.

I had the same thing with Java for a very long time. After 3 years, I have really come to a different mindset than back in these days. I got to tell you that it is also better for you. Soon I will explain why. It is better to overcome this stage as quickly as possible. I am not saying that you need to hate the language that you are programming in right now, but I want you to broaden your mind and look from a different perspective before judging other languages.

Different purpose

As I said. I was and I am still a big Java fan. I thought that Java could just easily deal with everything. After some time I started exploring new languages and I saw some cool things that you could do. I really like Python too at the moment.

I had a lot of discussions about Java and other languages. It was so wrong of me and I am telling you, that if you see yourself in the things I tell you right now, please get over this. There are so many great languages and I really came to the conclusion that every language has a different purpose. This makes coding so much fun. You can learn so many different things from other coders who code in a different language. It will actually broaden the way you think. The reason for that is that every language has a different style of a programmer in mind.

You have scripting languages, which I used to hate a lot, and you have Object Oriented languages. I love Object Oriented language. As I progressed, I saw how quickly and easily you could make things with a scripting language like Python. If you want to become a great programmer you need to start exploring all kinds of languages. I am not saying that you need to learn all of them but try to get a taste of it. It will make you think differently.

Choose one

I am also not a big fan of learning too many languages. As I said before there is no “best” language. Just stick with what you love to do and everything will be fine. Don’t listen to people who say that the language that you are learning is a bunch of shit. It just tells you a lot about them. They are just amateurs who did not learn how to be a real professional programmer.

Just choose your language and go for it. Learn it really in depth and try to grasp everything from top to bottom. It will really make you more successful. I have to say that it is really tempting to see that a new language just came out. I had always the feeling to keep learning the languages that just came out. After a while, I saw that it had no benefit in trying to learn every single language that you think will become the next big thing. Stick around with what you really love. 

I have heard so many times that Java is just not a good language and that you need to write a lot of boilerplate code. Hey, that is cool with me. It is the language that I love from the bottom of my heart. I just keep coding with it and I love it. So I don’t care what they say about it.

Avoid the discussions

I hate the same old boring discussions every single time. It is just so annoying. It is even not professional to go into a discussion about a programming language which you or your colleague thinks is the best. In your career, you will need to work with a lot of different programmers, who like to code in different languages. So if you do not come over this feeling, you will end up getting in a lot of stupid discussions that will do you no good at all.

Please avoid it. Instead become curious about their language. Learn about how they solve a problem and think about a certain type of problem. As I said, every programmer who programmes in a different language than you do has a different mindset and the way they think about a certain problem is different from how you think about it.

Programming is so much fun. Keep it like that. If you can get this mindset, you will become more and more successful. People in your work will love to talk to you because you have an open mindset and that is really positive.


When I started programming, I had the feeling that Java was the real deal. I thought it was the best of the best. After some time I came to the conclusion that you have different programming languages and they all serve a different style of thinking about problems. They all have a different purpose. Is that not great?

We as programmers need to start embracing this. This is what makes our work so great. Everybody thinks differently about a problem.

My advice is to stick with a programming language you just love. Don’t listen to people who say that the programming language that you are learning is not good enough or that it is old. They are still just amateurs. Don’t become like that.

Just avoid all the useless discussions. It is a waste of time.

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