Feeling worthless?

It sucks

Well, it never feels oké to feel worthless. That means that you need to do something about it. Feeling worthless can have a big impact on your life. In this post I want you to feel better about yourself. How do you start the process? How do you stop feeling worthless? Does feeling worthless impact your day to day life?

Why do you feel worthless?

Let’s start with how it began with me. At primary school they had no confidence in me getting anywhere great in life. They did not believe I could become anything. What they did was to send me 2 classes lower than my actual class. In this new class, I got extra math lessons and reading lessons. You can imagine how I must have felt. I was only around 10 or 9 years old. Now I am 22 years old and I started realizing why I was feeling worthless. The best thing is, I understand why I was feeling worthless.

My advice to you is to keep trusting yourself. The way to start is by asking why you are in this situation of feeling worthless. What made you feel like you could do nothing? It does not matter how old you are. I started asking these kinds of questions when I was 19 years old. Start by knowing when it started and what made you feel the way you feel about yourself right now.

Start asking a question and try to solve these problems on your own. Don’t ask anyone for their feedback. Take time for yourself. Remember that it is about personal development. Personal development is not something you do in pairs, you need to do it on your own. You never know, but maybe this is the problem you are feeling worthless. Because you have never tried to solve your own problems. Maybe you need to start doing more things on your own.

Feeling worthless why
Why do you feel worthless?

Whatever it is, take some moments in a day to start thinking. Just think about your life. How far you have come and why you are still feeling worthless. Try to find a correlation. Is there a reason to still feel worthless about yourself? If the answer is yes, well, get this reason out of the way.

Don’t listen!

“You are not capable of doing this. You are not smart enough like the others.” How many times have you been criticized by others? I can tell you that I have been criticized a lot and even been laughed at. Did I listen to them? Hell no! and still I don’t listen to people who don’t have something good to say.

Getting criticized is not bad for you. The main thing is, is that you have two kinds of getting criticized. The first one is the positive one and the second one is meant to break you down. Getting positively criticized will improve who you are. If you get a positively criticized, you need to take it seriously and get better the next time. Most of the time when somebody is having a positively criticizing you, he or she will explain what you can do better the next time.

The one that is negative is always meant to break your mentality. This kind of criticism will start to make you feel worthless. This is only if you let it conquer you. Will you listen to these people or will you start ignoring them? If you ignore them, something inside you will still tell you that they are right. I had the same problem too. It is because your self-confidence will be hit when somebody tells you that you are dumb or you can achieve nothing.

Make yourself stronger and instead of becoming angry or thinking that you are really worthless, try to remind yourself how far you have come. Remember that when somebody tells you that you can’t do this or that, it is the reflection of how they think about themselves. Never forget that.

New things

How things changed for me and how I started believing more in myself is just by trying new things. It is as simple as that. It is not because somebody tells you that you can’t do something, that it means that you really can’t do it. So why believe them? The thing is that you need to see it for yourself. You need to find out if you are capable of doing it. There is only one way to know that and that is by……you guessed it right, by trying.

No matter how much advice you will get, someone can only learn from experiences. This is how it is and this is how it will always be. So don’t be afraid of trying. Instead be somebody who enjoys trying new things. Life will always come with little surprises, so there is no reason to stay away from getting out of your comfort zone. You will find your true potential and this will help you get over feeling worthless.

I think this is the greatest remedy for feeling worthless. Back in the days, I did not know anything about myself. I only learned what I could really do by just getting up and trying things.

Write it down

Now it is time to get a little bit emotional and let your emotions do the work. The thing that will help is writing down your emotions. What made you feel like this? Write down what you have done today and how it changed the way you think about yourself. Writing is really a good way to read what is on your mind. You can read how you are thinking about yourself and it will make it easier to find a correlation.

Write down your goals. What is it that you really want to achieve deep inside. You don’t need to tell anybody about what you want to achieve, but it is a great way to reflect on your own thoughts. Try to start writing about yourself whenever you want. You can write daily, weekly or monthly. As long as you keep reflecting on your emotions and try to find out what made you feel bad.

This way you can anticipate these problems in future events and do something about it.

Feeling worhtless writing down your emotions
Write down what you feel, in order to understand yourself


Let’s have a quick recap. First of all, try to find the cause of feeling worthless. This can be achieved by asking yourself why you are feeling this way. What event occurred in your life and made you feel worthless. Really start seeing the root cause and do something about it.

People like to break other people down. People like to criticize other people, but there are two kinds of them. The one is negative and the other one is positive. Listen to the positive ones.

In order to see what you are capable of is by trying new things. You learn by experience. So get up and try new things. Get out of your comfort zone.

Writing your emotions down can help you understand the reasons for the way you feel. You can start seeing patterns in your own data.

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