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What is this about?

Social media. It is such a hot topic, right? We show the whole world how cool we are. We show the world how we bought the new pair of shoes for about $300 or more. Now everyone thinks that you are the cool guy. Is this really the way to use social media? Can we use social media for personal branding? Is it possible to use social media differently? 

Right now

It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time

–  Alexis Ohanian

It became a real discipline to stay away from social media. The reason for that is because we have let ourselves become addicted to it. Including myself. I was always busy scrolling through pictures and looking at all these “cool” social media updates of somebody else. Is it not funny that when I write this and you read it, you are like: “Why would anybody scroll through pictures?” That is exactly what it is. It is a waste of your time and we are addicted to it.

A couple of days ago I saw a nice video of Simon Sinek who was talking about this problem. I will place a link to that video at the end of this post. I found a nice image of how much time we spend on an average on all the different platforms.

average timespent on social media

At first sight, this might seem as if there is no problem and it looks like I am, you know, making it bigger than it actually is. Wait until you see this.

social media over a lifetime

Now, this is something very different and far more a thing to think about. So we spend almost 6 years on social media. The thing I want to make clear is not that it is our social media use that we have, but if we spend almost 6 years on average on social media, we better start doing something useful with it. Otherwise, it is 6 years spending to nothing and that is bad.

So I think it is time to get over this social media addiction and use it as a way to promote yourself in a professional way instead of ways to connect with your friends. Let’s start talking about that.

What is the right way then?

I never understood what social media could do for you. I saw people sharing the picture of their dog, people showing their meal, like every single day and it bothered me so much that I eventually thought that there is really no good thing behind social media. Except for the fact that it makes you addicted.

I used Facebook myself too and I have to say that I deleted it after 2 months. I was really not interested. You know why? All the time I misunderstood social media. I did not know how these platforms could help me become better known in society.

Well so began my journey and I will explain to you how I use social media and how you should use it too. It helps you get over the addiction to social media and it will eventually help you in your career.

Using social media the right way addiction
We have become the slaves of our phones

1. Post useful things

If you are interested in things you can show the world what you are interested in and what your passions are. I used to post pictures of myself on Facebook which had really no value at all in my life. I just wasted time on Facebook. After I had started creating my blog and started programming, that is when I saw the real power of social media. I wanted people to see my posts, so what do you do in this modern time, you guessed it right, you get on social media and show your work.

This is just a whole other level of using social media. Use social media for your business or if you are trying to find real connections for your career and have a chat with them. Try to connect with professionals in the work field you want to get in. Show them that you are interested in the work field and post things about that specific subject.

This way of using social media is also a very powerful way to get over the addiction that social media brings with itself. The great thing is that you will learn things that are actually very useful to you and for your career instead of seeing the dog of your friend. You will spend more time on investing in yourself than making time to do the same old good for nothing scrolling. 🙂

2. Use LinkedIn

I can’t say this enough, but I really like LinkedIn so much. It is not just a social media platform. It is a very serious place for people who are searching for a way to start with personal branding and I think the way to go is LinkedIn. It is a CV that you can take anywhere with you.

LinkedIn is a way to show the world who you really are and it is a way to get in touch with so many professionals. I met so many new people all around the world. I really like it.

Search people on LinkedIn who have the same interests as you. Ask them questions. You can build such great business relationships, which are far better than just the people who spend their time on Facebook literally scrolling down a list of pictures.

Start with personal branding.

Using social media the right way personal branding
Personal branding can give you just the right relationships you need for your career

3. Limit your time

Once you practice the disciplines above, it will be time to limit your time. “What do you mean by that?”. Simple. You saw the picture above. Telling us how much time we spent on social media. Once you start using it more as a personal branding thing, then it will be time to limit the time you are spending on social media.

Start using your time on more useful things. Buy some new books and read. Always keep investing in yourself. Keep your personal brand high up the ladder. Remember that you are your own company and you are the CEO. So you better make it work.

Tell yourself that you will only use it when you want to post new things or if you just want to have a quick look at some new useful posts on LinkedIn or something. This way you will only use social media in a serious way because you know you could damage your personal brand if you did not use it in a serious manner.

Always keep in mind that social media is your personal brand. Present yourself the way you want people to see you. Show companies that you are serious about your future. Now some people will say: “You are just making it bigger than it is”.  Well, for those who don’t understand, let me tell you one thing. Companies will look at your profile on social media. The way you present yourself on social media is very important. By the way, everybody is serious about his or her future, so show companies that you are serious. Personal branding is serious, so use social media wisely.

Personal branding is serious, so use social media wisely.

– Seyfullah Semen


Let’s have a quick recap on this one. First of all, we have seen that we spend so much time on social media it is really crazy. We became so addicted to social media. This addiction is just very wrong. Instead, we need to find ways to start using the time we spend on social media in a better way.

Remember that social media is a way to show the rest of the world who you are. So it is personal branding. Keep your brand clean. Be serious about your career and use social media to show companies that you are serious about your career.

So just like I promised, the great video of Simon Sinek about this subject:

Simon Sinek


How Much Time Do We Spend On Social Media?

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