Why I started learning machine learning

Machine learning

Well, machine learning. It has been fascinating me ever since I saw it. The thing for me was that it had something different from just programming. What was so different for me to learn machine learning? What do I want to achieve by learning machine learning? Most important of all, why did I start learning machine learning?

Why did I start?

As you all know, we live in a world where there is so much data available that it has been so important the last few years. Almost every company needs data to fuel their business. The funny side is that they did not do much with the data they had and it was just “data” as we all know it by name. 

But know, in the 21st century, something different happened. Businesses started using this data for their business. They started using it to put more value in their companies. And you can see that almost all companies try to get more data scientist in their company. They want to hire people who know machine learning. Giving meaning to their data and find value in messy data that has been lying there for years.

This was not the main reason. It was a reason that I could realize my dreams. That was the reason I started learning machine learning. The dream that I have to change the world. By learning machine learning I can achieve this. 

It is a great way to help companies put value in their businesses with data and for me that is exciting. Developing the future of a company. 

Google trends graph machine learning
A little graph of how much the word machine learning is being searched until July

As you can see it is pretty popular and for a good reason I think. Maybe I will make a tutorial on how to predict the upcoming month. Who knows. stay tuned. 🙂

What do I want to achieve

There is one goal in my mind that is overwhelming everything I think about and that is changing the world. Even with this blog, it is my mission to change the mindset of people. I believe in change and that somebody who wants to achieve greatness, he or she can. Before you can achieve this, you need to start with personal development. That is why I started this blog. 

By learning machine learning and becoming good at it, I believe that I can have a big impact on this world. Not only for companies, but also for the world. That is my goal. That is what I work for. Having a better tomorrow for all of mankind. 

Machine learning has made me think differently about the way I see the data. I understand the people who say that their data is being misused and that is something that I understand but never forget that there are also companies and people who want to use data differently. They are the ones that change the medical industry, schools and financial companies. 

It is not always bad. We can progress as human beings by using data for the better and not for the worse. 

How do I want to achieve this?

Good question. Well, I started with machine learning as a hobby watching courses reading books about data and how businesses are using data. I started reading about data lakes and ideas about the future. So this is how I started my journey.

What I am doing right now is following some courses online and I pay for these courses because I see it as an investment in my future. Never be afraid to pay for your future. For me, the best investment is the investment you make in yourself. 

The way I puzzled it out is really simple. Try to get an intuition about the different subjects of machine learning. Don’t get me wrong, but machine learning is not all about cool robot things. It is also about cleaning data. Which is called data preprocessing. This is the process in which you need to decide what you will be doing with your missing values or what will you do with your categorical data. 

After this process, you need a couple more steps in order to start with the “good stuff” everybody thinks about.

Is it really that exciting?

For me, it is super cool. I like it a lot and I like the questions that come up to my mind after seeing a dataset. Every time I see a new dataset, I really feel different about the information I see. Sometimes even overwhelmed. All sorts of questions start to arise in my mind. “What is this number for?” or “Will this number effect the other? and is there any correlation between them?” As you can imagine, you need to have these questions. Being able to understand your data is fundamental. I hear this on every course I watch and every time I am doing some data projects on my own, I really get the feeling that research to data is fundamental. 

Being curious about the numbers and the information is important. That is why it is different from programming. When I am building an app, I write code and try to solve a problem. Machine learning is different. It has some business side to it and a technical side to it. It is a whole other level of doing things. 

Some skills you need to have are:

  • python/R/SQL/Java
  • Probability and statistics
  • Applied algorithm and mathematics
  • Presentation skills
  • Storytelling skills
  • Business and communication skills

So as you can see it is not only about programming. It is also about some great soft skills you need to possess in order to become a great data scientist.

If you really like these things, you might be an excellent student for machine learning. Never forget the fact that there is not only robots and these robots talking to you or something. Data science comes in a lot of different forms. So do some research before you start with it.

I think it is super cool, that is why I started with it. 

Why I started learning machine learning neural network


In this post, I wanted to make clear why I started with machine learning and what it is all about. I started my journey with machine learning because I want to change the world. I want to put more value in a business. This is my goal. The reason I started this blog is that I want to put more value in peoples lives. This is also a way to change the world. That is why I do what I do. This has been my motivation ever since. 

This can be an eye-opener for you too. Have you ever thought about why you do the things that you do right now? I have just explained why I started learning machine learning. Can you also explain yours? Feel free to comment your WHY.

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