3 things I wish I knew earlier


There are some things in life that happen to you and you wish that you knew it earlier in your life. I think everybody has some things, which he or she wishes that knowing some things earlier might have changed their lives earlier. In this post, I made a top 3 of the things I wished I had done earlier and knew earlier. Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to comment.

Why do I write about this?

This blog is about sharing knowledge about personal development and sometimes I write about software development, but apart from that, it is mainly focused on personal development.

Well, if I tell you something about my own experiences, maybe it will help you reflect on your own life and maybe you will find similarities. If that is the case you will know what to do. 

So let’s get started than.

1. Self-confidence

The first one is self-confidence. Before I start writing about how self-confidence helped me become a better person, I want to point out that too much self-confidence will lead to arrogance. That is not what you want. 

Well, I did not have much self-confidence back in the days. I thought that I was too bad at everything and I saw myself as a failure. Because of the lack of self-confidence, I did not manage to come up with goals and I did not know what I wanted. I acted like I knew it, but in reality, this was not the case at all. 

have confidence

So as time passed I started feeling worse and I made an end to this phase of my life. After I saw what I was actually capable of doing, it made me feel like I could do more and that was true after all. 

For all, you guys and girls out there, who are really struggling with self-confidence, don’t doubt yourself. Please take a moment for yourself to think about your life and where you are at this point in your life. Once you know that ask yourself how it happened that you lack self-confidence and what the reason is that you have no self-confidence. 

Without self-confidence, you won’t be able to move on. That is not what you want. Most of the time it is because of toxic people, that your self-confidence just disappears. don’t listen to them. Just focus on your own life and everything will be fine.

Keep in mind that you need to keep reflecting on yourself. Ask yourself why you have no self-confidence and do something about it. Forget what people say about you. They don’t know how you feel inside. The ones that keep telling you that you don’t have what it takes, they are the ones who do not have what it takes.

2. Trying new things

Have you ever felt scared before you started doing something new? Well, I actually was so afraid of trying new things. In fact, I never did try new things. I was afraid of failing. The fear of failing made me feel so weak. So, what did I fear? I feared everything. I feared that people would make fun of me, that people would tell me that I was not capable of doing things that I had in my mind. That made me feel like I was nothing and I should never try things.

I actually felt very lost. I did not know what to do. I am so happy that I am over this feeling. It changed me so much and I really wish that I did not care about what people would have said about me. Finally, I can say, that I don’t care. I have my own way of learning, own way of doing things and I only know what I am capable of. 

Right now I face learning new things so differently. I really enjoy facing new problems. Should I tell you why? It makes me better every single time. Get out of your comfort zone and really try new things. Don’t be afraid of failing. If you fear to fail you will never know just how great you actually are. One of the worst things is that you will not live up to your full potential.

Always be open for new things

I am not saying it is going to be easy, but I will tell you that it is worth it. You have a lot to lose if you don’t start doing things you actually like. It is actually really funny. The things you are afraid of doing are actually the things you should be doing.

3. Investing more in myself

I think this is the thing where most people have the most problems with. I will tell you why. Humans like to have people around them and they fear losing friends more and that is the reason why people like to spend so much time with their friends. 

What I learned is that you just need to put a lot of people on the second place or even third place. Put yourself on top. I will tell you something and remember this one always. Nobody can help you 100%. You will always fix your own problems by yourself. Having a lot of friends can feel good, but at the end of the day, you are all alone again. Just you and your thoughts. 

Invest more in yourself. Get yourself to the top, because nobody will do it for you. Spend your time well. I really wish that I had done this much earlier. I am grateful that I learned about this not too late. 

Become your own superhero

You will see how you will change if you start investing more in your own education and once you spend more time investing in yourself, that is the moment that the true you will start growing. 


Let’s have a quick recap. In this post I wanted you to read about the most valuable things I have learned in my life. If you can see yourself in the things that I have written in this post, please take action and become a better you starting from today. 

Remember nobody will do it for you, you have to do it on your own. That is how it is and how it will be forever.

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