Healthyness the new app in town


What is this about?

Well, in this post I will explain what is going on. I will explain why I created Healthyness and what the app is all about. Last but not least I will put a link so you can download the app yourself and send me a review or some feedback.

Why did I create this app?

It is my dream to create technology to make people understand their lives better. I really believe that we live in a very different era than we have lived before. We live in an era where we mostly forget to take care of ourselves and bettering ourselves.

One of the well-known illness is obese. It became a very common illness. We have so many people who suffer from this. I wanted to start small. Just a number that we thought small about, but this number could become our motivator in becoming healthier and taking care of ourselves more.

The first thing that came to my mind was our BMI and then Healthyness was born. The next thing to make my vision come true, is about how to make this app more attractive and different from the other BMI calculators? Well, that was a pretty harsh question. I thought about it for a very long time and finally, I came up with an idea to implement a doctor and a patient.

This doctor gives this patient some pieces of advice which the user can read. Also, I wanted to motivate people not only about taking care of their health. So I implemented something where people can turn a card and see their motivational quote. More about these features in the next section.

The main reason I created this app is to get people going and to make them aware of their health and this can all start by simply your BMI. I did not quit by just creating a way to calculate your BMI, but another feature is that you can calculate your body fat percentage. This adds nicely to the whole picture. I think and I really hope that this app will help you change your mindset and start taking action in order to become more active. I always say:

Some things that look like minor things, can suddenly have major impact on your life.
– Seyfullah Semen

This why people. I hope that my vision motivates the rest of the world.

What does it do?

Healthyness can do a lot of different things. One of the things is that it can calculate your BMI. This was the first purpose of the app. Then it changed and it became more than just a BMI calculator.

So let’s start with the BMI calculator.

Healthyness BMI calculator

As you can see it is not your everyday calculator. I wanted it to be more than just that. This doctor tells you what your situation right now is and that will help people get motivated to do more. This doctor needs to become your motivator. There will come much more additions to this app. This will not be your standard BMI calculator. See it as an extension to keep you going. Take charge.

Check your stats

Healthyness advancement tracker

One of the most important things is having a way to see your progress. A graph can tell you a thousand words. You can have better insights on your own progress.

As you can see I have provided a graph and some progress bars to make things clearer.

Well, what do these numbers tell me? In the graph, the blue line shows you, your weight. The red line shows you, your BMI and the yellow line shows you, your body fat percentage. The progress bars are just an indication of what the numbers of you are right now. So in the graph, you can see the past numbers and in the progress bar, you can see your situation at this moment.

So as you can see it is a fun way to keep track of things and see what you are up to right now.

Crick up your motivation!

Healthyness quote page

One of the great things about Healthyness, is that it is not only focused on your health, but also as a way to keep you motivated during the day.

What is a better way to motivate people than showing them a motivational quote? This is a great feature to keep people going. Let Healthyness be your friend.

Was this all?

No this is not everything. Keep an eye on this app, because new features will be added over time. Take care of yourself and let this app be your buddy.

I want you to find out the rest. I will place a link so you can download this new app. Healthyness is here to change not only your mindset but Healthyness is here to start thinking about your own life and health at this moment.

If you want to learn more about this app, feel free to download it and send me some feedback. Love to hear from you guys. link: Healthyness


Healthyness is a new app that is created by me. It is not a standard application. Healthyness has a mission. It has the mission to make people take charge of their life. Let Healthyness be your buddy.

As I said, keep an eye on this app.

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