Judging others

Judging is so easy to do. Just talking about somebody else without even knowing who that one person is. I think we all have this issue from time to time. That is just how it is, but there is a way to get rid of this character and I really believe that is so much better. Hope you enjoy!

Why do we judge?

I find this very interesting. The reason for that is pretty simple, I had the same issue. I was judging people. Without even talking to them, I thought I knew them, but the reality is that you can not know somebody by just talking to them once or twice. So why do we judge others? 

The most important one is that we judge people the same way we think about ourselves. This happens to us without us knowing that we think about ourselves the same way we judge somebody else. 

Your judgment is so many times just to defend your own character. You see a character in a person what you don’t like and the reason you see that so quickly is because you have it too. That is the funny part. We judge, but we don’t understand that we have the same character. 

If you judge someone please have a look at your own character first. I promise you, that you will see the thing that you hate the most about another person, is the same character you have. We kinda go into a defensive mode. We try to protect our own bad character by judging the other person. 

Especially with social media right now becoming such a big part of our life, we show other people how other people look on the internet and we make fun of a lot of people. That just means that you are insecure about your own and that is being reflected back to you by laughing at others and making fun of them. 

The next time, before you judge somebody else, please take a look at your own and see if you have the same issue the other person has that you want to judge. Most of the time you will see the same character in yourself. So don’t judge. Focus on yourself that is better for you.

I think the most dangerous one is that we judge people because we envy them. Never envy somebody else. In the end, you will start drowning in your judgments. You will just keep wasting time. If you are somebody that envies somebody else, please start with making a plan for yourself to get rid of this character, because it will make everything a mess in your life.

Never envy somebody else.

What can it do to other people?

I think this is really good to keep in your mind. You can really ruin somebody else’s life pretty bad. The reason for that is pretty simple.

When you are walking with your friends and you see somebody and you make fun of them or judge them and the other person notices this, it can really break their hearts. Never be a heartbreaker. Like never. There will come a day that somebody will break your heart. That is not what you want. 

The other thing is that you place people in a bad daylight. You can like really break them and that is something you will keep regretting the rest of your life. Just remember that everybody has a heart. I think that this has something to do with pride too and pride is just something that kills you from the inside. 

The ones who judge other people and think they are just the coolest person that walks around on this globe are really the once who are insecure of themselves. If you have this problem yourself, please just take a moment and remind yourself that there is always somebody else who is better than you are. So why should you judge somebody else? It is a waste of your time. 

What to do about it?

Well, I talked a lot about judgment, but how do you stop doing it? Great question. So let’s see how to stop doing it.

1. Start with you

What does this mean? It means that you need to start looking at yourself more. Be brave enough to really take the time and look at yourself for a moment. The best way to start is analyzing your own way of thinking and doing it every day. Analyze yourself for a week. Like really think about the things you think. That sounds pretty mind-blowing, but I really mean it. Think about your own thoughts. You will start understanding how much you judge others. You will understand how much time you waste by just judging somebody else. 

Look at yourself first. Try to be in a race only with yourself. You are your own enemy. You will start seeing results very quickly.

2. Look at your goals

Do you have goals in life? If the answer is no, that could be the reason for your judgment of others. What I really want to achieve with this tip is getting you out of your comfort-zone.

A lot of people judge others because they have no life themselves and that is just how it is. So start by checking your own goals and your vision in life. You won’t achieve anything in life becoming a professional judge. Be your own critic.

3. The key ingredient 

This is the secret to stop judging others. Focus on yourself. That is it. Focus on yourself and on nobody else. Life is too short to focus on others. If you keep racing with others, then I have a message for you, you won’t achieve anything in life. 

Just keep in mind that the person you are judging has a life just like you have and that one person also has his/her own struggles in life. So who are you to judge that one person? Is it because you think you are super great? I don’t think so. As I always say, focus on your own. Be on a constant race with yourself. 

Once you start focusing on yourself, you will really start seeing results in your life. That is what you want. 

Always keep looking at yourself.


Let’s have a quick recap on how to stop judging others. People just like to judge others. I think that is just a reflection of your own character which you see in others and that means that you need to start with personal development very quickly.

Here are some tips to stop judging others:
1. Start with you.
2. Look at your goals.
3. Focus on your own life.

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