Stay humble


It is such a beautiful thing, right? Humbleness. It has something magical and I really want to talk about this beautiful character in order to become even greater than you already are. Greatness does not lie in how much great things you have done, it is about how your character perfects your actions. Without you talking all day about it.

The higher we are placed, the more humbly we should walk.

What is being humble?

So if we just start out with this question, maybe we will understand it better. If we type in what the meaning of being humble is, in Google, we get the following answer:

Humble means “modest; without an excess of pride.”

So what it means is that you stay modest without too much pride. We will talk about pride just in a second, but first, let’s talk about humbleness.

Humbleness for me is just like a piece of the whole puzzle. Personal development is not about having one piece in your hand and thinking that you are great at personal development. It is something that needs to go on your entire life and humbleness is just a piece of the whole puzzle.

In the modern time of now, we see so many things on the internet. We see so many people showing off what they have and how many watches they own or how big there house is. People that get influenced by these kinds of people tend to become one of them too. This can be devastating. Before you know it, they start showing off with things and showing the whole world how big they are, but the funny thing is that those people all know how small they are in reality.

These people know how they feel from the inside, but they somehow can’t let go of a thing. That thing is called pride. They want to be as cool as that one person they saw on the internet. They want to belong to the people who “got it all”. This way, they forget about themselves and things don’t go the right way.

We think that we are big shots. In reality, we are not that big as we think we are. Some might have more money than somebody else, but does that make you better or bigger than anyone else? I don’t think so. Humbleness is the art of making you small and not brag about how much money you have, how many cars you have or that you have a P.h.d. Be yourself and let people notice what you do.

Bragging too much

I had this simple, yet the stupid character of always wanting to tell what I was doing. I just enjoy what I do and I like talking about it, but the question came up to me: “Is it necessary to do?”. In reality, it is not needed to do that. Right now I only tell something if somebody asks me.

Learn to live your life and focus on your work. I learned that if you keep focussing on yourself, your passion and personal development, you will be noticed without talking about it. Some of you have a big passion for what you do and I enjoy just every minute of my work and I love it, but better to keep it a little bit quiet.

One time my teacher told me something. He said: “Back in the days I had too much pride and you know what made me feel better, not thinking too big about myself. I just say that you are an average person and that feels so much better.”. I never forgot this and I think this is just so important.


Some people associate having pride as having self-confidence. Self-confidence is something different. Pride is thinking that you are something, but deep inside you know that you are not that big as you say you are.

Pride can bring your life some negative things. This whole post is about learning you how to put your pride away and understand who you really are. You can be proud of some things in your life, that is okay, but what is not okay, is to think that you are far better than everybody. This way you will start seeing yourself as the biggest person that is walking on earth. The funny thing is that there will always be a person that is far better than you are.

Get over too much pride

So be proud of the things you have achieved, not because somebody else would be thrilled to see what you have achieved, but for your own. Be proud of yourself because you have done things that made you feel more successful. Not because of someone else.

Get over pride

I want you to know that getting over your pride is not easy. I had to get over the fact that I needed to start becoming quieter about things that I did and let my actions be bigger than my words. This could get sometimes very irritating because I was used to talking about the things that I wanted to do and what I was already working on.

Here are some tips:

  1. Do more than you say.
  2. Learn more than you say.
  3. Remember that there is always somebody better than you.
  4. Do it for you, not for anyone else.

By following these steps, you can be able to get rid of too much pride. Pride will do you more harm than it will do good to you.

1. Do more than you say

What do I mean by this? I mean that your actions need to speak, not your tongue. You don’t need to show people how well you are doing. If you are doing well, it will be noticed soon enough and even if it doesn’t get noticed, it doesn’t matter. Just accomplish your dreams and your goals because you want to achieve it.

2. Learn more than you say

You can tell anybody that you study at one of the greatest school in America or Europe, but does it say anything about you? Does it mean that you study more than others? Not at all. There is no need to brag about how high grades you have. Learn because YOU love to learn it.

3. Remember that there is always somebody better than you.

Somebody who has a big ego is not somebody who has more self-confidence. This is for the ones who have too much pride in them. Remember that there is always somebody better than you. There is no need to act like you are the big shot. Life is not a race with somebody else, it is a race with yourself. 

4. Do it for you, not for anyone else.

There are so many people nowadays that do things so people will tell everybody else how great they are doing things. This is so wrong. Do it because you like it. Nobody else matters. Spend more time on finding things you really enjoy doing and become a master of it.


Being humble is just a piece of the puzzle called personal development. Here are some tips in order to become more humble and get pride out of the way:

  1. Do more than you say.
  2. Learn more than you say.
  3. Remember that there is always somebody better than you.
  4. Do it for you, not for anyone else.

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