You are a business

Yes you are

There are some things we just don’t know or we don’t think about. That is something good. I first did not see myself the way I see myself now. This post is a perfect example of what I mean by the fact that you are a business and I will write down some examples in order for you to think about it. Hope you enjoy the post.

What do I mean?

This is, I think, hard to understand. I understand that because I have been thinking about it too. It became logical to me after a moment. Enough with the intro, let’s get into it.

What I mean, by you are a business, is that you are a business on your own. What makes a business a business? Is it an office? Workers? Well, this can be true. The funny thing is, you have all these things. We are not aware of it, but we are one big factory ourselves. The great thing is, we are the CEO of our business. Well, some of us are. I will explain that in a different section. 

Think about it. A business has an office. Okay, cool. You have an office too. Your body is your office. The next thing. A business has workers. Funny thing, you also have workers in your body. Your brain is your greatest worker. What happens if you don’t look after your office? It becomes dirty and you become unappealing. What happens if you don’t use your workers in the right way? Well, I am pretty sure you won’t have a product that can benefit anyone. That is the same for your body and your brain. 

If you don’t care about your body, you won’t be that appealing at the job interviews. I am not talking about skincare and make-up or something. I am just trying to tell you that you need to start seeing yourself more as a business because that is what you are. You are already a factory and everything inside your factory is just working. You are the boss of it all. 

Personal branding

I talked pretty much about personal branding. I think it is essential for you to start personal branding. This has the same reason I have talked about in the other section. You have a brand right. You are trying to sell the beneficial products of this brand. This is just the same story with yourself.

We go to school, we read books and buy courses in order to grow our own brand. That brand is just your name. The knowledge you have is just the value or the products you can bring to others. That is actually your product. So, what is the difference between a business, as we know it, and us? Actually, not that much. 

The things we post on Facebook or any other platform can break or make our own personal brand. We show our skills on LinkedIn and try to sell ourselves on the market. In order for a business, as we know it, to grow, what does it need to do? A business needs to keep learning and start looking for new opportunities. That is exactly what we are doing too. We try to gather new information and learn new things. We are trying to grow our business.

You have a brand

Our biggest worker is our brain. This part of our body can imagine things we would never think about and it can do so many things. If you use it, you can start growing your business even further.

Personal branding is all about seeing yourself as a business. That is what we all are.

Take control of your business

So now you know that you are actually a business, now it is time to get serious. You are a CEO. Always remember that. What happens if the CEO of a company, how we know it, does not have a vision, goals or he/she doesn’t know why he/she is doing what he/she is doing? Soon the business will fall apart.

The same goes for yourself. Taking control of your business, by this I mean yourself, is like taking care of your business, how we know it. You are the boss and if you don’t have a vision or a goal, you won’t be able to grow your own brand. The reason is simple, you don’t know what you want, so you have no plans on how you can grow. 

That is when personal development comes in the game. In order for you to become the greatest CEO, you need to take control internally in order to shine from the outside. That is why the road to success is beginning with personal development.

Focus on your business

Instead of focussing on other businesses, so other people, focus on yourself. If you think of everybody being your rival, you can’t be unique. This is the way to begin growing your brand. 

There will always be somebody who does things better than you. Is that a problem? No way. If you watch them and do all the things they have done in order to become great, you will end up never using your own imagination and your products that come out of your factory won’t be made with love. It won’t be appealing to anybody.

Everybody has a unique way of looking at things. Some people see the things in the same way. Always just focus on your own way of seeing things. Pick up ideas of other businesses, other people, but never replicate them. Turn it the way you want it to look like. 

What I mean by this is, that you can see some things in other people that you really like, but don’t just blindly follow how they do it, just get inspired and do the thing you liked about the other person, in your own way.

You are a CEO

You are capable of so much more. If you don’t know this, it means it is just the time to start with personal development. Don’t strive to be like others, strive to build a different brand. Your brand. Bring value to others with your brand in your own style. 


So, dear CEO, let’s have a quick recap of all this. You are a business and that is really what everybody is. In order to understand this better, we can have a look at how businesses, how we know it, work. They try to sell something and put a value to other businesses. That is exactly the same thing for people. We try to grow our skill set and learn new things in order to broaden our horizon and to sell our value to other businesses. 

Hope you enjoyed it!

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