Goals vs visions

Sometimes it is difficult to see the difference between a goal and a vision. You need to understand the differences between these two things. They both mean something different. At first, this is something you won’t understand, because a lot of people think they are the same. In this post, I want to explain to you what the differences are between these two words.


Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.

– Tonny Robbins

Well, goals are really the first steps in achieving what you want to achieve. Goals are really important to have, but I use goals in a different way. I will explain in a bit how I work with goal setting. I think it will be logical to you also. So let’s understand what goals really are.

Goals are small missions in life. These missions have a beginning and an end. So goals are things that are achievable in a short period of time. There will always be an end to a goal. The joy of achieving a goal really brings you joy. You will feel like a little kid again when you achieve a goal. 

So this is what goals actually are. Well, in my perspective this is how I see goals. A goal starts with a dream and you set milestones in order to achieve that dream. 

Let’s have an example. I had a dream of starting a blog. I really wanted it, but it took me 1 year to really decide that I was going to do it. After I started my blog, I achieved this goal and I was happy. There was a start, my dream, and it had an end, the blog I made.

Let’s learn about a vision now. 

Goals are small missions in life.


A vision is something very different. I really think a vision is all about the emotions you feel from the inside. Remember this:

A vision is a never ending mission.

– Seyfullah Semen

This is exactly what it is. This is where goals and visions really differ from each other. Goals will have an end, but a vision will never have an end. So I think that it is a must if you want to become successful. 

If you know what your vision is, you can start thinking about smaller goals in order to keep achieving little pieces of the vision you have in mind. 

Please don’t be afraid of thinking about crazy visions, you can achieve anything you want. The only thing that you need is to give it your everything. It is easy to say that you want something, but is that really what you want? Maybe not. So really start by knowing yourself before starting with defining a vision. 

A vision is a never-ending mission

Which one is better?

So now we are at the part where we are going to compare the two. The answer is, you need them both. I will explain to you why you need them both. 

If you have a solid goal in life and you really work hard for it. In the end, you achieve it. Let’s say you have finished it within one month. You feel good about yourself. So know a question starts to spin around in your head: “What do I need to do right now?”. That is a question that is completely understandable. 

This is when you need a vision. You can see your vision as this super big cake. You know that you are never going to finish this cake in your lifetime, but hey, you will do your best to finish it. So if your vision is this cake, then you need to start splitting this cake into smaller portions right? 

These smaller portions are your goals. You finish this slice of cake and you start with the next slice. So there is no “better”. That is why you need them both. You need to have a vision, but you can’t eat the whole cake within one bite, you need to slice the cake into eatable slices.  

Set a vision

You need to have a pretty big vision. Really think about what you really want to change. Don’t be like: “My vision is ….”  and then think that you are done. No. If you don’t feel what you are saying then it is not something you truly want. What do I mean with this? I want you to think about something, a mission that really touches your heart. Something you really, really want. Something that really plays with your emotions. Once you found such a mission, then you know that you have found the true mission.

So your vision needs to be something that is really personal to you. Your goals are also a part of your vision. So try to make it compatible with your dreams. Your dreams really can help you out with setting a vision. Many times, actually, your vision is derived from your dreams. You know why? Because your dreams are the things you feel from the inside when you think about them. So emotion is really a part of the things you dream about. 

So the steps are:
1. Think about your dreams.
2. Define a vision based on this dream. 
3. Create smaller goals in order to achieve portions of this vision.

Try it. I think you will really find your vision with these steps. It is not easy and I promise you, that whatever your vision is, always remember that it is going to be hard. If you really want to make an impact, you sometimes need to sacrifice some time in your life. This could mean that you need to sacrifice going out with your friends or something. This can be hard for some. That is why I keep telling that your vision needs to be a vision which really touches your heart. That is what will make you go the rest of your life.

The effect of having a vision

Success is something very difficult to explain. Success is a feeling nothing more and nothing less. As I said before, a vision is something really personal. It is really what you stand for. So what is the effect of having a vision? 

The effect for me was and still is tremendous. So what are some of these effects?

More confident

The first thing you will notice is that you will start feeling more confident about yourself and that is something really, really cool. I was somebody who had absolutely no confidence at all. If you want to have success in life, you need to have a vision and you need to be confident that you can do this. Remember that the only limitation that somebody has, is the limitation he or she sets for themselves.

Boost your willpower

This is one of the most important changes once you have a clear vision. Some people really complain about a lack of motivation. Motivation will fade away anyway, so why bother with motivation. This feeling will fade away and the thing that will make you keep going is your willpower. How bad do you want, what you want. So you need to give your willpower a boost and the way to do this is by having a clear vision.

Inspire others

It is fascinating when you can inspire somebody else. It is a great feeling. So how can you inspire others? Simple, have a clear vision. I never had the power of inspiring others, but once I knew what my vision was, the way I talked with people started to change tremendously. If you talk to somebody about your vision, you need to start feeling emotions. The other person will feel that what you are telling comes from the inside.

Idea machine

Yes, you are reading it correctly. You will start generating such great ideas. You will become an idea machine in order to start achieving your small portions of your vision. Because a vision is a never-ending mission, you will never stop generating new ideas and it will keep going until the end of times. That is what makes a human so interesting. Generating ideas that reflect your vision in life. 


Let’s have a quick recap. In this post, I explained what goals are and what visions are. These two words are completely different things, but a lot of people struggle to see the differences. 

I also summed up the effects of having a vision.
1. More confident.
2. Boost your willpower.
3. Inspire others.
4. Idea machine.

Just remember that goals have an end, but visions never have an end. With this post, you learned how to set a vision for yourself and how it can help you in your life. Hope you enjoyed this post! 

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