Motivation or determination?

So you might have been asking yourself for a long time which is better. To have more motivation or to have more determination. This can be hard at times and I have seen a lot of questions about this topic. I will try to explain to you what both of these words mean and how these words both have effects on us


What does motivation even mean? I mean we can look up this word on Google and see what it means, but I will be doing it differently. I will give it my own interpretation and tell you guys how I interpret the word ‘motivation’. First, let’s start with some examples.

Motivation for me

When I was way younger then I am right now. When I was around 14 years old or so, I wanted to become so many things and these things motivated me so much. For example, I really wanted to become a boxer. I trained a lot and my motivation was sky high and I really mean this. Every week I was at the gym. 6 days a week is a lot right? And I did not only do boxing, noo, I even went out for a run from time to time. You can imagine that everything I did was training.

I bought a pair of jumping ropes. In order to do rope jumping at home. I felt really energized and my motivation was still sky high. I had this feeling of needing to keep going. After some time something happened and I did not feel motivated anymore. It was weird because this was the dream I was chasing. It was what I really wanted to do my whole life right? Or was I wrong?

I did not understand what happened to me and I felt frustrated. Where was the feeling gone? The answer is right in the question.  Motivation is just a feeling. A feeling you feel when you start out with something, you completely have no idea about. It feels amazing when you have this feeling, but once it starts to fade away, doubt will start taking over. So what happens next?

Motivation is a feeling.

When doubt kicks in

So you feel motivated and you are fired up and sure that you want what you want at this moment. Have you ever been in the situation where you did not feel the same motivation as you have felt before? I have been in that situation and I can tell you that you will start discovering whether you truly want what you want at this moment. So what happens when motivation starts to disappear?

When motivation disappears, doubt will start to fill in the gap. Crazy right? When you don’t feel motivated, the energy you felt before the motivation disappeared, will be gone and you will start asking questions like:

  • Is this really what I want?
  • Why do I feel like not doing what I felt so motivated about?
  • Is this really my goal?
  • Is this really what I want to do the rest of my life?

These things will make you go crazy and then motivation gives you a choice. Will you go on? or will you quit? This is the moment where you will really decide what you want to do in life. This is also the moment that something else will kick in if you decide to go on chasing your dreams, determination.


Let’s talk a little bit more about Mr determination. What is determination and when do you need it? Is motivation not all you need in order to become successful? Let’s have a look at these points.

Determination for me

Motivation is just a feeling, there is something you need to understand whether the goal you chose in life is really what you want. Determination is what you need. So what exactly is determination?

As I said before, I had a lot of different goals in life. I jumped from one goal to another, until I found the true one. Determination is the fact that when motivation disappears, you will still continue to work hard and do what you have to do in order to get what you really want. Determination is not just a feeling like motivation is. Rather, determination is something much bigger.

It is the ability to really understand what you truly want. Determination is the choice you make after you don’t feel like doing the things that you are doing. A little example will make it clear I think. So I write posts about personal development. I try to write every week at least one post. Sometimes I don’t feel motivated. It is not because I started hating writing, no it is because I have lost the feeling of feeling motivated to write at the moment. Does this mean that I need to quit writing? No. My determination keeps me writing this article, because I know I truly want to succeed.

Determination is a power. it is more than just a feeling.

The power called determination

Being determined generates a completely new energy in your body. It is crazy. I think about it very differently then motivation. Motivation will start disappearing over time, while determination will help you keep overcoming obstacles. That is exactly what determination does. It gives you the power to keep going when times get harder. It keeps you fueled when you don’t feel like going. This power is so strong that you can overcome so many things. It is the determination that keeps you going when everybody stops. Just remember it is not about how motivated you are, it is about how determined you are to keep doing what you are doing.

Determination is an essential skill in order to become successful. While others will quit, because of a lack of motivation, you will go on and leave the rest behind you. Keep asking yourself whether you would go on with the path you chose when everything would get harder.

Determination is a power.

Which one is better?

Actually, being determined is the thing you are looking for when you truly want to be successful at the thing you are doing. Almost forgot, but it is a mix of perseverance and determination that keeps you going while the rest is quitting. This exactly what you need right? Don’t mix motivation up with for being an essential skill. Okay, I admit motivation is important to start with something. You need to feel motivated to start with something, but eventually, it will start disappearing and that is when you are being tested by life big time.

At this moment you have the choice to keep going or to quit what you are doing. Motivation will not help you at this moment.

What can you do?

How can you know if something is for you? How can you understand that what you have chosen is truly what you want? Keep asking yourself whether you enjoy what you are doing. Keep asking yourself this question every week or so. Does it feel like a burden when you do the work that you are doing at this point? If so, ask yourself why it does feel like a burden? When you get into difficulties do you feel like giving up quickly? Ask yourself and really reflect on your life. Why do you even feel like giving up after a failure?

These are all question to determine whether you are really determined to achieve the things you want to achieve or was it just a feeling for a moment. Reflecting will help you get the answers.


Quick recap about this post. I see this question so many times on the internet, that I really wanted to write an article about it. People don’t truly understand what motivation means and what determination means. These two words are just so different from each other.

Motivation is just a feeling. You need this feeling to start, but it will disappear over time. You can’t build on this feeling, because it will let go of you sooner or later.

On the other hand, we have determination. Determination is not a feeling, it is a power. A power which is essential to success.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Put a comment down below about what you think about this post. Don’t forget to share. Sharing is caring!

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