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Raising your self-esteem can be difficult and if you don’t know where to start then it can become even more difficult. The thing is that you can really suffer from having a low self-esteem. What does losing your self-esteem do to you? How will it impact you if you don’t do anything about it? What can you do in order to get your self-esteem back? These are some important questions. Keep on reading!


First of all, let’s talk a little bit about the thing called self-esteem. What is it? and what does it mean? If we take a look at Wikipedia, you can find the following explanation about self-esteem: “Self-esteem reflects an individual’s overall subjective emotional evaluation of his or her own worth.”.  So this is the way you think about yourself and what you think you are worth.

If you think you are just nothing and you think about yourself as a loser, then you have a low self-esteem. Maybe you can ask yourself right now how you feel about yourself. I have to say that I had a really low self-esteem. I could never ever talk in a comfortable way about myself. I even did not want to dream about things that I would love to achieve. I felt worthless at that time of my life and I had my own reasons, but I know from experience that this could really harm you as a person.

I am not saying that from now on you need to think that you are everything, but self-esteem is an important part. We all have some talents. Discover these talents and your self-esteem will get a boost. Don’t think negative about yourself, but also never overestimate yourself.

Self-esteem is important just remember that. Now let’s talk about what losing your self-esteem will do to you.

The impact

Feel like a loser

One of the most impactful things is that you will start to lose hope in yourself. Once this happens, you will start looking at how good others are doing it and how you are just nothing compared to the others. This can lead to developing jealousy and that is not something you want. Keep in mind that everybody needed to struggle in order to achieve great things. They are also human, so what makes them different from you? Ask yourself this. It is not that they got superpowers or something. This is just one of the impacts that it could have. Let’s go to the other one.

Feel like you deserve nothing

The same old story. I had this feeling also. I had also the feeling that I was a loser. Feeling like you deserve nothing can make you feel really sad. You will feel like everybody else is just so smart and that you are made to be a self-hating machine. Can you imagine that this feeling goes on your entire life? How much impact will it have when you become older? This also can lead to thinking that others just deserve it more than you do and this will make you feel different from the other people around you.

You will start talking less to people because you think they will find you just a weird person. If you think like this, it will really happen. If you think about that people don’t like you and you don’t deserve it, then you will act that way. So keep an eye on how you think.

Too emotional

Emotions are really what makes us human. We are not robots, but too much of this power and it can become harmful. When your self-esteem becomes lower or you have no self-esteem at all, you will become sensitive to almost everything that happens in your life. Imagine that somebody tells you something and you feel attacked immediately. That is what will happen. Everything that somebody tells you will feel like somebody attacks you.

I can tell from experience that this is not good. I felt attacked when somebody said: “That is so stupid of you” or “You are stupid”. The reason for that is because the word stupid made me feel like a failure at primary school. They called me stupid and wanted to kick me from school. Be aware of this.

Try to make other people like you

In order to feel accepted you will try to get all the attention of everybody. This way you try to make everybody like you. This also something I did and it is not something you want. You will get the title of being a clown. That is not how you want to be remembered. That is also the point that I changed immediately once I started noticing this within my own character.

The impact of a low self-esteem can really harm you.

What can you do?

Have you ever thought about finally getting up and really changing your life? I had this question when I wanted to change everything in my life and here are some tips for you to change the way you think about yourself.

Personal development

I can’t say this enough, but everything starts with you. If you keep thinking negative about yourself, your life will become negative all the time. How many times did you sit down to think about the things that are happening right now in your life? How many times do you think about finding your talents? If you think that you have no talents than you are completely wrong. Everybody has something. How many times did try to figure out who you really are? Did you figure out your vision?

Personal development is about you. If you want something to change, change the biggest problem. The biggest problem is yourself. Why keep wasting time looking at how others succeed and thinking that you are worth nothing. Because somebody told you that you couldn’t do it does not mean that you really are a loser. If you think you are a loser than you will be a loser. Lesson one: start with yourself and start reflecting in order to know yourself better.


Are you tired of all the negative thoughts that you have? Why did those negative thoughts even occur? Do you read how many questions I ask? This is exactly what you need to do. Keep wondering why this happened. When did you start losing your self-esteem and why did that one thing impact your self-esteem? What can you do to make it up?

If you don’t investigate the situation, then you will forever think negative about yourself. Keep asking yourself the questions you need in order to become a better you tomorrow.

Stop comparing

Most of the time people with a low self-esteem will compare themselves to other people. They will think that everybody is just so much better. If you have a low self-esteem and you also look up to other people, then now I invite you to stop today with doing this. You know why? Do you even understand how much time you are wasting by doing this?

Think about your own life. How do you want to become better if you can’t get out of the loop of thinking that everybody is just better than you? Should I tell you something funny? There is always somebody better than you. So why do keep worrying about the fact that everybody is just better than you and you can’t achieve anything in life? Should I tell you why? Because you waste your time looking at what other people do.

If you are serious about improving your self-esteem, make more time to improve you.

Set goals

Let’s be honest. When was the last time you had a goal in life? Should I tell you my goals when I had no self-esteem? I had zero goals. I was really lost. I was just doing something, but I did not know why I was doing the things that I was doing. A hard fact is that nobody will do it for you. Now it is time to get up and start thinking about what you really want. Start doing things, learning and reading about different topics.

A great question which you can ask yourself is, what would I do if money did not exist? What do you enjoy most? Most of the time the things you enjoy doing are the things you are good at. Think about something you would truly love to achieve. Make this your goal. Steer your life in the direction you want it to go. Be the captain of your ship.

It is time for change!


Having a low self-esteem can become very annoying. In this post, I explained to you what self-esteem means, what the impacts could be and how you can recover yourself in order to give your self-esteem a boost. So hereby I would like to sum up the things you can do in order to give your self-esteem a boost:

  1. Get to know yourself.
  2. Ask yourself how you did lose your self-esteem.
  3. Look at your own life.
  4. Set goals.

I hope you enjoyed this post and learned a lot from it!

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