Developing your character by asking. The benefits of asking

Sometimes asking can feel like something really hard to do. There are some things that hold all of us back from asking things. Actually, you are harming yourself more than you do good. In this post, I will talk about the benefits of asking things and why you should ask things. Keep on reading if you are interested.

1. The reasons why people don’t ask

When I first started working as a developer, I found it very hard to make a product from scratch. I did some hobby projects, but this was like the next level. It felt very frustrating. I knew what they wanted, but something was missing. I asked myself how I did manage to make hobby projects without much experience. This one question made me think. There was something wrong with the way I worked. At home, I worked completely different. The main difference was that I used the internet, books, and teachers how I could solve a certain problem. Why did I not do this during work?

I found a couple of reasons within myself. Hereby I will share it with you guys.

1.2. Scared of what people might think about you

Imagine that you just start out somewhere and you have been working for a couple of weeks already, but you do not even understand what you need to make or you get it, but it is not completely clear yet. You think by yourself that you are just a super loser who is not ready for it.

This is exactly a situation for somebody who is scared to ask. I had the same feeling too. Just afraid of asking somebody something. You can feel so many different emotions at once. It is sometimes really difficult to manage this fear. I was very scared to disturb somebody and that is not something I wanted. Now that I think about it, it was very stupid to think like this.

1.3. Afraid of what people will say about you

One of the main reasons to not ask things is because people may have an opinion about you because you asked something. Most of the people are scared about what others will think about them. We are scared that somebody will call us stupid because we asked something. This is really one of the main reason for somebody not to ask something.

If you are somebody who has this, then please know that you are certainly not the only one.

1.4. Thinking you know it all (Arrogance)

yes. Arrogance. Arrogant people tend to think that they know everything and that they need no help. The funny part is, that you can not know everything. To a certain point, you can have expertise in something, but eventually, you will come to a part where you just need to ask something in order to go on.

5. Not asking is an obstacle to your further progress

Well, not asking anything can become an obstacle eventually. The reason for this is simple. Imagine that you are working on a project and you come to a point in the project where you just can’t manage to fix things. What will happen is really worse. The project manager will come and ask you why your work is still not done. What will you say? I was too scared to ask things?

So it can really damage your reputation. Your colleagues will feel like you don’t want to be a part of the team. Remember that your reputation is very important at work. Your work can suffer from it. After a while, you will start to feel more pressure. The reason for that is because you have worked far too long on your project. It needed to be done a month ago and you are still busy with this project.

Putting more pressure on yourself will lead to stress and when you are stressed, you won’t be able to ask anything. You will feel like you already messed up and you need to fix this problem as soon as possible. You will try shortcuts and you won’t be able to find any. Before you know it, you will become one big mess.

Don’t be the guy or girl who is afraid of asking. If you have a problem, you have so many colleagues to go to. See your colleagues as information sources. They are people who can help you with different problems. That is the whole purpose of a team right? You work in teams so you can help each other. So keep asking.

Okay, I am not saying that you need to go to a colleague to ask a ton of questions every single hour. Try to find the answer for yourself first. Sooner or later you will find out whether you need help or not. Always try to figure out the problem on your own first. Once you have tried several options than you can go to colleagues to ask some things.

6. 3 Benefits of asking

There are actually a lot of benefits to asking questions, but I will sum up only 3.

6.1. It is a sign that you want to learn

Asking means that you are trying to learn something. It means that you can put away the “I know everything” mentality and ask people questions. That is what a team needs. They need people who want to learn and become a better self every single day.

6.2. It is a sign that you are eager to get involved

Asking questions can become very beneficial because most of the time you will end up getting more feedback than you have asked which eventually will lead to being more involved within the team. This is not the only benefit. Once you start asking things, it could happen that a simple question can end up becoming a nice conversation. This makes you more likable within the team.

6.3. It will make you a better team player

I think this is one of the greatest reasons to start asking more. In real life, you will have to work well within teams. It is just a key component in business life. It is really something you need to develop. Asking can make you a better team player.

Growth by asking - teamplayer
Become a better team player

10. Summary

Last but not least, let’s have a quick recap. I want to sum up the reasons why somebody doesn’t want to ask something and the benefits of asking things.

The reasons why somebody doesn’t want to ask are the following:

  • Scared.
  • Afraid of the opinion of others
  • Arrogance.

Hereby also the benefits of asking.

  • It shows that you are eager to learn.
  • It shows that you are involved.
  • You will become a better team player.

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