The reason you need to step out of your comfort zone right now

Our comfort zone. We hear a lot about the comfort zone and about leaving it, but how does it feel and is it really that scary like everybody says it is? Not only this but also what it is like to leave your comfort zone. I will explain to you what I went through before I took the shot to get out of my comfort zone and how it felt at first. Enjoy the post!

1. What does your comfort zone mean?

Let’s start with the basics. What is a comfort zone? Everybody has a comfort zone and I am not talking about hanging on your couch and that is your comfort zone, no instead I am talking about the comfort zone you have in life. Let me give an example. Do you have a routine in life where you just can’t seem to get through? If you wanted to leave this routine, then you would have taken the risk of losing the security you have and feel with that routine. That is the same thing with your comfort zone.

In life, we have things that make us feel safe and secure. You know going to our jobs and coming back home. Making enough money to get us past the month. In reality, it is not what we want, but we do it because it pays the bills. Now I had the same thing. It was not because I needed to pay the rent or something, but it was in my own future. I had no self-confidence that I could ever accomplish something. So I decided to stick to the well-known plan. Do a study, finish it and work.

I really felt unhappy about my life, because the study I did was completely nothing for me and I could not see myself do this work until I was 67 years or something. I just went on, because I felt safe. Well, you might ask: “Why safe?” Because I knew that I would make enough money to pay the rent and I could eat when I was done with my study.

This is what a lot of people have in their minds. “Just have a life where I just work and make enough money and that is fine by me.” So this is a little introduction to what the comfort zone is.

2. You need to step out of your comfort zone!

You know what all influencers say: “Get out of your comfort zone!”¬†They make it sound as if it is easy. That is not the case at all. Let’s start to understand what they mean by leaving your comfort zone.

2.1 Leaving comfort zone?

Leaving your comfort zone is leaving the well-known circle you are in right now. When you feel like you are just wasting time with the work you are doing right now and you decide to do something completely different than you are leaving your comfort zone. So, for example, you work for a boss and after a while, you think back about having your own company. So one day you are at work and you decide to take this step, then you have left your comfort zone.

So leaving your comfort zone takes a lot of courage. It takes a lot of work to do this.

Feeling comfy all the time? Maybe you need to get out of your comfort zone.

3. Is it worth stepping out of your comfort zone?

People often ask whether it is worth it to leave your comfort zone. From my experience, I can tell you that it is worth it. So why do I say it was worth it? It is because you start to realize that you are completely different than what people say about you. I used to listen to what people thought about me a lot and it really touched me I got to say. I was worried a lot of times when I said that I was going to do something.

Once I decided to go search for the real me, suddenly I started ignoring what everybody thought about me. I am not saying that you must ignore feedback, instead take feedback seriously, because that will make you grow. There is a difference between feedback and being negative. So if somebody always talks negative about you and your plans or it could be anything. This could become toxic over time. For me it really became toxic.

When I left my comfort zone I felt so much more at ease. I wanted to be alone more often so I could learn more and be more productive. It is really worth it and it will take you to a whole other level. Growth is what you should aim for.

4. Is it scary to leave your comfort zone?

Now let’s come to the last and most important part of this post. Is it scary to leave your comfort zone? At first, it may be scary. What do I mean with scary? Well, it is not scary as when you watch a horror movie and you get scared, but feeling insecure when you decide to leave your comfort zone. This is what I mean by scary. When I first decided to study and do something completely different, I was so scared of failing at it. Not only because of myself, but also because of the people around me.

Once you decide to do something completely different, people will declare you a little bit crazy. If it is really what you want to do in life and put in all your effort into it, then you will be more than fine. Just don’t listen to what others have to say. Only if it can help you grow. So at first, it can be scary because you are not sure of what is awaiting you. Once you have seen what you can do, you will become more motivated and feel more courage as you go.

5. Summary

In this post, I wanted to tell you more about the comfort zone. I see a lot of questions about the comfort zone on Quora. Let’s have a quick recap. Leaving your comfort zone is a bit scary at first. With scary I mean it feels like you are jumping from a cliff. You don’t know what you can expect by taking this step. Once you take the risk of seeing the world from a completely different point of view and once you start seeing the world from a new perspective than you will see who you really are and how much opportunity there is.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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