Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

Some books really make an impact on your life. In this series of book reviews, I will talk you through some of the books that I have been reading and hopefully, you will find it interesting too. The first one I will be talking about is: Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill. Hope you will enjoy this post.

1. The reason I did read this book

I think you should be able to understand why you did read a book in the first place. That is also the case for me. Why did I even bother picking this book? Well, great question. I heard a lot of this book when I did listen to some of the seminars of Jim Rohn. This is a great inspirational speaker. I would recommend you listen to his seminars. They are both fun and very informative. First things first. So I heard about think and grow rich a lot when I listened to him and I really wanted to know what was so great about this book.

After I heard a lot about this book, I decided to search on Google what the best personal development books where. What do you think came up? You are correct. Think and grow rich appeared. Now I really knew what I wanted to buy to read as my next book. 

This is why I wanted to buy this book at first. It was because I heard a lot about this book. Another fact when I got this book is that this book was sold more than 70 million times. So this was another reason to buy this book. 

2. What is the context of Think and Grow rich?

This book is written by a man named Napoleon Hill. This man is inspired by Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie asked Napoleon Hill to do research for 20 years or more, in order to find out the secret to success. Napoleon Hill accepted it and so began his journey in writing this book. 

This book is divided into 15 chapters. Each chapter will reveal a secret that you need to remember. The book also says that this book is only for those who are ready. 

I found all the chapters very exciting actually. Napoleon Hill is a person who really believes that success is truly the way you think. I think that is really the case also. In his book, he really shows us that thoughts are things.

3. Examples from the book itself

In his book, he gives a nice example of a person who really wanted to work with Thomas A.Edison. This man was called: Edwin C.Barnes. His dream was to work with Thomas A.Edison and he really wanted it so badly. He wanted to work with him and not for him. 

So he faced two obstacles. The first one was that he did not know Thomas A.Edison in person and second was that he did not have enough money for a train ticket. so he traveled into a freight train.

Thomas A.Edison also explains what he thought of Edwin C.Barnes when he first saw him. He said: “That he looked like a hobo, but the expression on his face told him that he was determined to get what he wanted.”. Thomas A.Edison just invented the new machine called: the Edison Dictating Machine. The sales team was not very excited about selling this new product. Barnes knew he could sell this machine and he told his idea to Thomas A.Edison. He got his chance. He sold this product so well that Thomas A.Edison gave him a contract. With this cooperation a new name was born: Made by Edison and installed by Barnes

They worked together for more than 30 years. Barnes became very rich. Barnes really showed to the world that you can achieve great success by thinking about the thing that you truly want so badly. 

4. The most important lessons from Think and Grow rich

This book is really focused on the mind of a person. It has lots of things to learn from. For me, it was that is really important to know yourself better. You have a lot of questionnaires in this book to get you started with self-reflection. 

This book will help you get a different view of how your mind can make you or break you. It all starts with something you have in mind. It goes on with your desire, Believe and persuasion, 
auto-suggestion and so on. So it really takes you further in different stages for you to think about. 

5. The best thing I learned from this book

I liked one quote very much: 

What you imagine you become

– Napoleon Hill

This is also the most important thing I learned from this book. All that you have achieved in life is all because of your thoughts. If you are negative about something, it will become negative. If you think positive your life will become positive. The same is for the fact that, if you think about becoming successful and you really believe in this, your mind will go into a different mode and it will search ways to become what you think about. 

If you think negative, your mind will search for ways to make this happen. So your mind is very powerful. After reading this book I really implemented things that I learned into my own life. I started being more positive in the things I do and I divided things that I truly want to put energy in from the other smaller things in my life. Every day when I go to school or to work, I think about where I want to be and who I want to be. I am not lying, but you will truly be amazed by how many ideas you actually have in your mind. 

Remember it all starts with your thoughts.

6. Summary

I have been reading a lot and with this new series, where I write about the books that I have been reading, I want you to get inspired by these books too. 

The first book in this series is: Think and grow rich. This book is all about mindset. Read the full blog post to see what it is all about. Hoped you enjoyed it. Leave a comment down below about what you think about Think and grow rich. 

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