Book review: Start with why

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” Amazing quote by Simon Sinek. He writes about this subject a lot and his book Start with why explains this quote. Amazing book, by an amazing writer. Let’s move on.

1. Why this book?

The first time I saw something about Simon Sinek, was on a TED talk he had. I was really inspired because of what he said. He actually made a whole business model based upon one word: “Why”.¬†Everything he says is true. Like in the quote above, he really makes a point when he says: “People buy why you do it”. This is really important for new or already entrepreneurs.

I saw that Simon Sinek had two books. One of them was called: “start with why”.I really wanted to buy this book because I was really interested in becoming a better leader and I am very interested in becoming a better entrepreneur. This book was ideal for me.

This book is really related to how you can become a better leader and what you need to do in order to become a better leader. Even if you are not planning to become a leader, I am very sure that this book will help you improve yourself. So it has definitely something to do with personal development.

The main reason for me to buy this book was because I really want to know how to inspire people with the vision I have and because I am very into entrepreneurship.

Hereby another great sentence from the book: “There are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power or influence. Those who lead inspire us”

2. What is this book about?

As I said before, this book is mainly about how to become a better leader and also about the fact why some businesses are doing better than others. There are a lot of examples of Apple. The reason why I like this comparison of Apple versus some other business is that Apple has set such a great foundation in their “why”, it is just amazing to see.

They have this foundation without you or me noticing it. An example is that when somebody buys a MacBook or any Apple device, they feel different. Without us noticing, we are led by their ideas and we feel inspired by it. Weird right?

2.1 The golden circle

Simon talks about something called the golden circle. In the image below you can see how it looks like.

book review: start with why. The golden circle
The golden circle

So what is this golden circle about? Let me explain it to you. Let’s start with the “WHAT” in this circle.

2.1.1. WHAT

“Every single company and organization on the planet knows “WHAT” they do. Everyone is easily able to describe the products or services a company sells or the job function they have within that system.”

2.1.2. HOW

“Some companies and people and people know “HOW” they do “WHAT” they do”. “HOWs are often given to explain how something is different or better”.

2.1.3. WHY

“Very few people or companies can clearly articulate “WHY” they do “WHAT” they do. When I say “WHY”, I don’t mean to make money that’s a result. By “WHY” I mean what is your purpose, cause or belief? 
Why does your company exist?”

As you can read, the book gives a very simple explanation from these 3 very important things.

3. Little example

One of the greatest examples this book gives is with a marketing message from Apple. It goes as follow:

“A marketing message from Apple, if they were like everyone else, might sound like this: We make great computers. They are beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly. Wanna buy one?”

Simon Sinek gives such a nice example, by putting Apple in the spotlight, because this is really how it would sound if the were like any other company. After this example, Simon Sinek gives the answer to Apple in really does it.

“This time, the example starts with “WHY”. Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use and user-friendly. And we happen to make great computers. Wanna buy one?”

Such a great example. Really like this book.

4. Most important lessons

The most important lessons I have had from this book are:

  • The golden circle (Which I just explained)
  • And the fact that if you want to truly want to become a great leader, you need to be able to inspire people. Not just lead them.

5. Summary

Well, in this post I have given all you book freaks, a little book review about “Start with why” written by Simon Sinek. Great book for all you personal development freaks. I will put a link here so you can buy this book too.

Click on this book to buy it.

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