Why very few people start Personal Development

I hear people talking about a lot of things, but I almost never hear somebody talk about personal development. Not really a lot of people plan a meeting together to talk about how they want to start to know themselves or how they want to grow themselves over the upcoming years. At school teachers don’t really talk about the fact of how important it is to get to know yourself. Why?

1. Afraid of starting

A lot of times fear interferes a lot in our daily lives. We all have fears. whether we accept it or not, we have them. It is not a weakness to tell yourself your weakness. It is actually a sign that you know yourself better than you actually think. For those who keep ignoring that they are afraid of anything in the world. Please don’t try to sabotage yourself.

Fear also interferes a lot when somebody wants to talk about their personal development. They are afraid of what people will think about them. They don’t want other people to see that they are trying to work on themselves and better their lives. They are afraid of the reactions they will get.

The fear of thinking that somebody will laugh at you or something is the most common reason. People are afraid of talking about this subject. Something is holding them back. They want to change a lot in their lives, but yet they are afraid of not being able to become a better person ever again. They are afraid to face themselves.

I believe in the fact that schools need to teach more about personal development too. Schools need to show the children how important it is to know yourself better than anything else in this world. At school, we get lessons in math, science, and biology, etc. But we never talk about personal development. Why not?

Afraid of what?

2. Ready or not?

Often people doubt a lot of things in their own lives. Doubt about whether they are good enough or they doubt whether they can become better people.

Doubt can kill every action you want to take whether it is a small action or a big step towards a better life, doubt can make the best decision-maker the worst decision-maker.

So I want to ask you: “When are you ready to change to become better than you are today? When are you ready to chase the dream which you always wanted to chase?” I will tell you the answer also: “NEVER” Don’t wait for the right time, just do. If you want or like something, go get it. Nobody will bring it to you or do something for you to make your dreams reality. You need to do it. There is no room for doubt.

You can change everything this minute, this second and this hour. I don’t care where you live, what you do or what you have been through. You have the power to decide what you want to change for the better. You can decide to become a lifelong learner. To become a better you every day.

3. Low self-esteem

low self-esteem has been my problem for a very long time. It was like I only got negativity into my life. I realized that everything about my mental game was wrong.

The reason why people have low self-esteem is that they think they are no good for anything and they truly believe they can never become the person they want to become. I had the same problem. I told myself over and over again that I could not do it. This is how I taught about everything I did on a daily basis.

Toughen up and try to better your mental game. Well, how do you do that? Take control of your mind! When was the last time you actually tried something new? Try to find things which make you happy and what you are naturally good at. Try to find your strengths and work on them.

This will surely give your self-esteem a boost and with a good reason. Try to find ways to perfect this thing which you are naturally good at. Last but surely not least, don’t take negative sh*t people tell you.

4. Lack of self-knowledge

The main problem with all the personal development problems is the fact that somebody does not know who they really are. I keep coming back on this, but it is the most important thing which somebody needs to know in order to become a whole different person than they are right now.

I will give you an example from myself again. I always listened to what people said about me. I did not know how to talk with people, because I was afraid of what they would think about me. This is completely normal, but I want to ask you, is it worth it to keep living like this? I don’t think so.

Start asking yourself the questions. Questions about what you want to achieve, what really makes you happy and why you want to do what you want to do. Answer them all. After this, make a list of goals you want to achieve. You don’t need to write them down, but just know them and do everything to achieve them.

Personal development is waiting for you. Nobody will do it for you. Be your own best friend. It may sound lonely, but in the long run you will understand why it is important to know yourself better than anything else in this world.

Know yourself better than anything.

5. Summary

A lot of people struggle to start with their own success. They find it scary, they think they are not good enough or they are afraid of what people will think about them.

My question to you is: “When are you ready?”

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