5 Ways Personal Development Can Increase Your Productivity

We have been talking about personal development quite a lot on this blog, but how can personal development help you increase your productivity? I have seen a lot of questions in my inbox on Quora, where people ask a lot of times how they can crick up their productivity. Well, in this post I will explain how personal development can help you with your productivity!

1. Having a purpose

Living a purposeless life is like being the captain of a ship in which you don’t know where the journey is taking you. Please don’t be that captain. Well, how does having a purpose can lead to better productivity? The answer is simple and I will take the example of the captain again. If a captain knows where he or she is going with his or her ship, he or she knows what to do in order to get to that destination.

He or she knows the road to get to the place he or she aims to get, but you can never know what awaits. While everybody is sailing towards someplace, you need to have a purpose, you need to have a destination. Having a destination makes everything clear and by making everything clear, you can make better plans. Having something clear makes you more productive.

2. Doing whatever to get there

Do you have a plan within your head that is so big that you would do everything to get that one goal? No? Well, what are you waiting for? First, decide what you want. Find your purpose and get back to this post afterward.

For those who have a goal in mind, I want to ask if this goal, which you are chasing, is really keeping you going? What do you feel when you think about it? “Yeah, yeah we know it. Just tell us how this can make you more productive”

If you have a clear set of goals and a vision to which you are really bounded from the heart, now is the time you will see dramatic changes in the way you work. Suddenly you start to think about plans to make you able to achieve this one amazing goal you have in your mind. Suddenly you start posting on social media what you are trying to achieve. You are trying to get your name out there so people will know who you are.

The best part is that your mind suddenly starts to work and come up with plans to make you achieve this goal. This way you become much more productive. You will try a lot of things and start things on your own. Fail after fail you will keep going. Without you noticing, people will start to notice you.

Being productive does not only mean that you are getting sh*t done but also the ideas which you are trying to get on the market.

3. Understand that time is valuable

Time passes and the more I start realizing that time is such an important thing within our lives. Understanding this will make you aware of how you spend your time. Being able to manage your time in a way in which you start achieving small goals, is the first step in becoming more productive.

Be aware of your goals and your vision and make a plan on how you want to spend your time. Without you noticing you will start to plan in more work in order to achieve your goal. This is the power of personal development. You become aware of things around you and you make a significant change in everything you do. Becoming aware of your time is one of the many things.

4. Choose the right people

Do you have the right people around you? Knowing yourself and knowing your goals, can make you chose the right people to hang out with. Well, what can it do with my productivity? A LOT! If you hang out with lazy people who don’t want to do sh*t you become just like them. If you are aware of the people you hang out with, you will start to pick the once who are willing to work.

If you have a crew on deck who is determined and have the same vision as you, then you will automatically become just like that. Remember you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with.

5. Searching for smarter ways to get things done.

Once you know what you want, you will start to figure out what the smart ways are in order to get the one thing you want. What does this mean? Well, it means that you will rediscover the way you work and the way you think. The biggest worker in your body is your brains. Be aware of this. People who know what they want will find smarter ways to get things done. Finding smarter ways to get things done. This will make you more productive.

6. Summary

These were the 5 ways personal development can make you more productive. The first step is to know who you are. It is crucial. And one more tip, keep reminding yourself of the captain I was talking about :). Be the captain who knows where he or she is sailing to.

Keep growing!

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