Being alone is one of the most important skills we miss today

In today’s community, we start forgetting about ourselves. I will explain in this post how this affects us and what the biggest problems are. Not only will I explain this, but I will also make sure why you need to make more time for yourself. 🙂 enjoy!

1. Social media biggest enemy or…

Let’s start with one of the most well-spoken subjects. Social media. Yes, that is right. We have to speak about it again and again. You know why, because people won’t understand that social media is not the problem. You can hate me for this really, but think about it. A social media platform is just a program. The application is not forcing you to use it, it is you who wants it and does it.

Okay, I have to admit that they use some techniques to keep you hooked to their application, but does that mean we have to get addicted? I know and understand everybody around the world because I am being a victim of social media very often. This does not mean I cannot break through this habit. I have been using the Pomodoro technique when I see that I use social media way too often. It forces me to keep working on my tasks. Hereby the link to the post about how I changed with using the Pomodoro technique for 3 weeks:

Well enough about this. Let’s get to the core of what I want you to understand. People nowadays see people on social media. They see famous people wearing glamorous things and they want it too. Because of this, we don’t think about what we want, no instead we think about how we can buy the same watch, necklace, shoe or bracelet that one person has. Because hey if he/she wears it then it must be cool right?

This is the whole problem. We don’t think about what we want, but we let somebody else determine who we need to become. Instead, if we use our time to think about who we are, what we did today to become the person we want to become and think about who we want to become, life will be so much more fulfilling.

2. Not working towards a goal

We just talked about what social media can do to you. It can stop from reflecting and start thinking you need to be just as the people you see on social media. So what happens next is that you will have no straight goal/goals which you want to achieve.

The truth is that you will not understand where you are heading towards. Believe me, that is very dangerous. Imagine that you are the captain of your ship and you have a compass which shows you the right way, but you choose to follow the other ship. Is it not stupid to not define where you want to go? So again, take the time to really understand who you are and the only way to do is to leave everything behind you and start thinking and reflecting on your life.

3. Afraid of losing friends

This another subject which makes people afraid of being alone sometimes. Friends. We see everybody going out with their friends and having fun. It is okay to go out with friends, but not every single day or week. The fact is that we think that everybody is our friend, but that is not the case at all. There will be only a handful of true friends. Most of the people you call your friends are not really your friends. It is just a hard fact. It is as simple as that.

So don’t be afraid to say no sometimes to friends. If you don’t feel like going out with your friends one day, then just say no. Don’t be afraid of losing them, because they think that you are always busy. If they are your true friends, then they will understand the fact that you cannot come. Take some time for yourself. Time to think, recover and come back as a better version of you. The right will find you along the way and the same goes for you. You will find the right as you progress.

4. Benefits of being alone

So, we have discussed quite a bit about taking time for yourself right? let’s talk a little bit about the benefits. Taking time for yourself and being alone to think more deeply about yourself is crucial if you want to grow. Let me give an example. If you want to understand a subject better, what do you do? You read about that subject and study that subject deeply. Well, what is more, important than understanding yourself? You need to take time to understand yourself better so take time for yourself to study yourself better.

If you start understanding who you are, you will start changing yourself to the person you want yourself to become. That is the key to life. Don’t wear things because somebody else wears it, but because you like it and it fits you. Don’t study something because it makes you look cool, but study a subject because it can benefit your future. It is easy. Believe me.

5. Summary

In this post, I explained how we forgot to take more time for ourselves and how we can break this circle. Start focusing on you, because nobody else will do it for you!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Comment down below what you think about this subject!

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