Fake people, fake advice and fake life

This world is filled with so much fake stuff. The more I have been working on social media, the more I found that all those ‘great’ people on social media are fake. I am not saying all of them. Enjoy the post. Let’s get rid of the fake stuff and be real.

1. The issue is big and I am serious

I am super serious about the size of this problem. We really live in a fake system. We see all those smiling people on Instagram or whatever platform and your brain starts thinking that you become happy if you have all the stuff all the other people have.

You start posting more about your days, but you only show that you are happy. You want to become just like those celebrities and those vloggers. I understand that people want to be part of a movement or something, but seriously be careful. I have seen people really not enjoying their life because they were constantly finding ways to post stuff about everything they did in life. Understand this problem. The kids I see nowadays, around the age of 13 or even younger, try to be the next big thing on Instagram or whatever.

Then I look at my own youth and I am like: “Man I lived the real life. You kids are living in a lie.”. I am just 23 years old and even I can see this big shift. The problem is that we think that social media is the problem, NO YOU ARE THE FU#KING PROBLEM. If you let social media dictate your mood, your status, and your overall life than you just became the slave of something.

2. FAKE people are everywhere beware!

Open up your social media and try to figure out which of these people are really the person they say that they are. You will be shocked if you knew all those super cool people you follow on social media in real life. You will understand that they really became the slaves of this new world.

Once again, I am not saying that everybody is like that. I am just trying to make you aware of this. That is why I want to tell you that you don’t need to try to become like those people. You are unique. Understand this fact. Why do you have to follow the lifestyle somebody says he or she has? Why do you want to become like them? Is it because they have a lot of followers? Who cares how many followers they have.

I have done this too. I have been watching people and I was like: “WOOWW look at all the great stuff they do!”. I started following them and before you know, you start following but you don’t take action yourself. Congrats you just became a slave of the life of somebody else. GET THE F#CK OUT OF THIS SYSTEM.

3. FAKE advice is everywhere beware!

Let’s get started with the so-called ‘influencers’. You have so much of these guys right now and I am really getting sick of this phenomena. My first question is: “Is the life of these influencers the same as yours?”. The answer is a big fat NO! You have your unique life and you have your unique skills. So why are you following the advice of somebody else the whole time?

I saw those influencers like Gary Vaynerchuck (Sorry Gary I don’t mean anything mean you are a great man) If Gary tells you to take a sh#it every single minute than you will be successful, will you do the same thing? If you do, congrats my friend you became a slave. If a millionaire told you how he got his first million, will you try and do all the same things he or she did? If you do, congrats you just got into mess. Your f!#king life is not the same as theirs. You can pick up some advice from them which you can apply to your own life right now, but don’t follow that sh#t blindly.

4. People with FAKE lives are everywhere beware!

All the people you see online, do you think they really live the life they say they live? Great question and you know why? Have you ever lived with them? Or have you ever seen them in real life? So why do you want to become like them? Let go of it. Most people that you see online live a fake life.

Don’t be fake be real. Show what you are proud of and not that you just bought a new pair of Louboutins. If you live a lie, you will end in a lie. Please, people, let’s be aware of this.

5. Summary

What a post. I have said what I wanted to say for a long time now. The most important lesson is, don’t be a slave of a fake life. Don’t you ever blame social media for it, blame yourself. You chose to be a slave and social media did not even beg you or something. Be real and not fake.

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