If you work day and night you will become successful

I have heard so many times that in order to become very successful you just need to keep grinding and keep going and do as much as you can during your day. I have been following this advice and I want to talk about this a little bit more.

1. What is success actually?

Yes, what does success mean? When we see somebody living ‘the life’ you know having his or her own private jet and having his or her own swimming pool in the back garden, we say that he or she is successful. Success has a different meaning. It does not mean what you think it is. Success means the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

So if your goal is to start your own business and achieve this goal, then you are successful. You have achieved your aim and purpose. What I am trying to make clear here is the fact that you don’t have to work your ass off in order to get the fancy planes or something. If a Gary Vaynerchuk or Gran Cardone drives in a Bentley, it does not mean you need to drive in the exact same car. Don’t look at their success, instead focus on yours.

What is that you want? When will you feel successful? Believe me, you can feel successful from the smallest achievements. I have been grinding. I came up with all these ideas based upon what the big shots told on YouTube and so on. But I got to the point where I did not know where to go anymore. Define your own success and plan how you want to achieve it. You will really be overwhelmed if you don’t define your own success. You will be all over the place and this will break your will.

2. You have a way different life

As I said, I followed a lot of people. Mainly the once we know from the internet and we hear their story and how they came to the top and I started implementing things he or she said. But once you start doing it, you feel like it is not your type of thing. For example, you have a lot of videos where they will tell you that if you wake up early you will become a big shot. This is total garbage. It just depends on who you are.

The point I want to make clear is that you have a different life. Maybe you don’t like waking up early. Maybe you are more productive during midday. So the point is, don’t you ever follow the advice blindly. I worked so much. I am still working a lot, but I have a clear goal now. I did not have a clear goal back then. If you don’t have a clear set of goals you will be working, but you really won’t feel like you are working for something you really want.

You will tell yourself that if you just work a bit harder it will all be fine. This is soooooo not true. Just makes sure you have clear goals. Your goals and your success need to give you energy and not taking energy away from you while you work.

3. Being tired does not make you productive

I really worked hard. Like there was not much rest and I did not define any real goals. I told myself to keep pushing. I was really tired, but in order to become successful, you need to keep working hard and keep going and going. The truth is, if you are tired and you can’t work, nothing will get finished.

So what is the point of working really hard if nothing is getting finished? This was the point for me to skip every influencer I was watching on the internet. I only watch motivational videos now. It is not that those influencers are bad, no way they have done something with there life and they are doing it very well. They defined a set of goals, worked for it and became successful.

So how come that they are still so energetic? I will tell you why. They did not watch how others worked. They worked in their own way. They did not follow the dream of somebody else. That is why. They had their own way of thinking. They took the time to rest.

Set really clear goals for yourself and work towards your goals and not the goals of somebody else.

4. If you work more does not mean you finish more.

Productivity is key. Yesterday I was programming and suddenly I just did not feel it anymore. Well, I did not care about it. I was still going on anyway, but nothing really got finished. That is when I realized that you need to take some rest and that if you turn your laptop on and try to work when you are tired or you don’t feel it, there is no reason to keep pushing. Just stop do something else.

If you really want something, but you really are not feeling to work on your dream project today, well there is no point in worrying. Just take a day off and try tomorrow. It is better for you to take a day off then trying to work on your project anyway. The reason for that is because you will not finish anything.

5. Summary

Let’s have a quick recap. Define what success means for you. Is it the fancy cars or is it having a business or start working full-time. I don’t know what your goals are, but define when you will be successful and work towards that.

Always remember that you have a different life, so you have a different way of working. Hard work does not mean you will achieve more. That is the reason why it is so important for you to have a clear set of goals.

Last but not least. Don’t forget to take a day off. Relax and get back stronger. But never stop chasing your success!

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