6 Strategies for Personal development and growth

Starting with personal development can be pretty hard. If you understand what the fundamentals are of personal development, you can quickly take advantage and start your personal growth journey. In this post, I will give away some strategies in order to get you going on your journey.

1. Start personal development by understanding yourself

The first step into growing to the person you want to become is understanding yourself better than anything. If you are not able to understand yourself, you will never be able to start with personal growth or even personal development.

I think I have said this a lot of times, but you need to be able to know who you are. Understand yourself, your goals and where you want to go with your life. Believe me, a lot of us think this is egoistic, but it is not. The question remains how you start understanding yourself.

1.1 Start doing new sh#t

If you are determined to understand yourself better, it is time for you to step out of your comfort zone and start exploring new stuff. If you keep asking yourself why you are not developing, it is because you are stuck in a circle. You are not doing what you like, because you don’t know what you like. So why would your life change?

Being afraid of failing is the main reason that people don’t take time to learn new stuff and do new things. They say they have no time, but in fact, they are just afraid of failing. being afraid of what the outcome will be of your new life is kinda scary. I need to admit that. But I know from experience that your life will never be the same.

Start doing new stuff in order to understand yourself better and to start your journey of personal development.

2. Redefine yourself and start your personal growth

Life is about taking steps. I hope the first step really motivated you to take action. Now we come to the part where you need to change your mindset in order to start the process of personal growth.

If you understand yourself, you will understand the meaning of your own life and this way you can start your personal development which suits your needs the best. You see there is no real magic pill for personal development or personal growth. You need to see patterns in your life and start developing a plan for yourself.

Being able to change your mindset is something you must do. You must reprogram your mind in order to become the person you want to become. By changing your mindset, you are actually redefining yourself and your life. Your mind is so powerful. Please do not underestimate your mind. Be positive, set goals and work for them.

3. Go deep into a subject

There is really no need for you to have a broad knowledge of all kinds of subjects. Why would you? It is just a waste of time. The thing that will happen is that your focus will be everywhere, but not on something you really want.

Focus on one subject and become the best with a specific subject. Who cares that you know a lot of different things about different subjects. Even if you knew a lot about a lot of different subjects, you would just know the bare minimum. What is the great thing about that? I can tell you that it is good for nothing. Keep your focus on one thing you are good at and study that until you die.

Sure you need to read about different subjects too, but don’t waste your time in becoming good at everything. Chase the subject you like the most.

4. Start small and be consistent

Habits are a fundamental of life. Everybody has habits and some of them are bad for you while the others are very good for your personal growth and personal development. The secret to your success is how determined you are and how consistent you are in your daily life.

If you say you want something, try to manage your days so that you do something every day in order to achieve your goal. I tried to work on every goal every day. I got so tired and frustrated and I understood it is better to split up the days and do something small every day. You will have more structure and your life will be much more flexible. It is all about keeping your focus for the day.

If you want to be able to do 100 pushups every day, you need to start with a minimal goal. Start with 1 pushup every day. Eventually, you will see that it will become a habit and before you know you will be doing a 100 every day. Have patience and be consistent. Nothing comes easy if you do your work with honesty.

5. Develop your knowledge

Never think you are done learning and that you know everything. There is still so much to learn. The world is changing so fast. So nobody can tell me that he or she knows it all. If you really want to grow yourself and become the best version of yourself, you need to understand that personal development also means that you want to keep learning in order to become even a better version of yourself.

Read more and start with small projects that will help you develop yourself even more. Also, select your friends carefully. Make sure your circle is small but filled with people who are hungry to become the best version of themselves.

6. Make more time for the person you see in the mirror

Welcome to a life where you need to be able to make time for yourself. Welcome to the life of personal growth where it can feel lonely sometimes. Don’t be sad or afraid 😉 taking time for yourself is really amazing and a lot of fun too! Remember you have a mission and in order to achieve your mission, you need to keep grinding and know yourself better than anything. You need to reflect more on your life than anybody else. This is your life and time is your time. So, having drinks with friends all day or grinding and building your empire with the right people? The choice is yours my friend, the choice is yours.

7. Summary

Personal development and personal growth can only begin with understanding who you are and from there on you need start doing certain things in order to keep going. I hope I have motivated you to start personal development.

If you have any suggestions or any questions about personal development, you can always reach out to me!

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