Using the Boosted app for 3 weeks

I have been looking for an app to keep track of how much I work. I wanted to keep track of my projects. Sometimes I got the feeling that I did a lot, but if you keep track of everything you do, you can really see that it is not that much at all. I used the Boosted app for 3 weeks.

1. What does the app do?

The app is pretty simple. You can add some projects you work on and save it. If you work on 10 projects you can add them all into this app. Once you have added these projects into your list, you can press a button called ‘start tracking’. When you have clicked this button, a timer will start and your time will get tracked.

This is the whole idea of the application. It is pretty simple if you think about it, but it is super handy. Especially for people like me. I have a bunch of projects and I really don’t know where to start sometimes. When I open this application and start working, it really helps me to focus on this one thing.

I have to say that it was hard to turn on the timer every single time I went to work on a project. This was really hard at the beginning. Once you start feeling comfortable with using this application, it really gets you going. It becomes a habit. You really understand how much you can work on one single task. As I said it really pushes you to work on one single thing and that is really amazing.

2. Understanding your time better

The best part of this application is that it helps you understand your time better. Your time is valuable and even if you think you have no time, just track your time for a while and see how much you really get distracted or how much time you really spend in one week on a project. I am sure you will be amazed at how much time you did not spend on a project.

If you understand your time, you will understand how you need to spend your time better. Let’s have a look at how your overview looks in the application.

As you can see you have a nice overview of your activity per day. You can see when you are the most productive each day. Monday seems to be my most productive day……. HMMMM. Monday is not the day I really like that much :).

If you see such a graph like this, you will start to ask yourself why you have such a low working ethic on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. You will be more careful these days and become more alert these days. I really liked and learned a lot from this application. So a big thank you to the creators of this application.

3. You have such a nice overview of everything you do

Let’s have a look at what kind of overview you track more on this application.

3.1 Overview of your projects

I really liked the fact that the user interface is so easy to understand. You open your application and you just see your projects list and how much time you have been spending on different days.

So nice. Really easy to understand

3.2 Duration per period

You can check easily how much you have been working on an individual project. So, if I click on MedicinX, this is an application I am working on, I can see exactly the time I have been spending on this project over 1 week, 1 month or 3 months.

3.3 Complete time overview

Last but not least, I can check easily how much time I have been spending over the whole period of time. So I can check how much time I have spend since I have downloaded this application.

4. Summary

How many times have you been complaining about productivity and that you have no time to do all the things you want to do? I have been complaining about this a lot and I have been searching for a good time tracking application ever since. I found Boosted and it really did help me out with understanding my time

Remember: Change starts by understanding!

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