Self-improvement and The Daily Raita

Hi, I am Seyfullah Semen, The founder of The Daily Raita.

As life went on, I learned a lot along the way. In order for you to learn from my experiences, I started The Daily Raita.
I started to understand how important it is for a person to start self-improvement. Self-improvement is the building block for every person. For this reason, I started The Daily Raita.

I want people to become aware of self-improvement and the importance for us as humans. We live in an era where everything is digital and we tend to feel like we are robots. We go from home to work and vice-versa. We tend to forget self-improvement and we don’t become a better person each day.

I want people to be a better version of themselves. This is also the reason why The Daily Raita is a very different blog than the ones you know. Here we focus on self-improvement. I focus on making the lives of so many people different. I want you to become better after reading a post and think about it.

I learned that in order to become a successful person, you need to be aware of yourself. 

The content that you will read at The Daily Raita is really focused on thinking about improvement. Here you will find articles about improving yourself, productivity and people skills.

My goal for The Daily Raita is not just to blog, but to really help you out with the articles I write and to get your motivation and yourself to the next level.

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seyfullah semen

About me

I am Seyfullah Semen. I have my own story and everybody has their own unique one. Which makes us as humans amazing. At an early age, I heard that I was not going to become something special. My teachers at my primary school did their very best to get me to special education. My self-confidence was broken, I had no purpose and I had no goals or what so ever.

Magic started happening when I was at the end of my study. I was 19 years old and I did not know what I wanted to do. So I decided to go on a journey. A journey in which I decided what I could and could not do. A journey in order to find me. The true me. Not the me who everybody said I was. No this was a different journey. I call it: "The journey to myself".

I started discovering my true talents and what is even better is the fact that I discovered my own passion. The spark I was missing in my life. Personal development became a very important part from that day on. I can tell that I have changed so much over the years. Just by getting to know myself better than anything else.

With The Daily Raita, I plan to make a difference in this world.It is my mission to help people who read my articles, rediscover themselves and become the person they want to become. Call me crazy, but that is my vision with this platform. I want this platform to be special and it is. It is more than just a platform. I want it to become The Daily Raita family. I want this family to grow with people who want to change their lives. let's get united!

Hello. The Daily Raita welcomes you.

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